Entries from April 2024

The wisterias steal the show

April 17, 2024

This is how the wisterias over the Japanese footbridge in Monet’s garden look today. The earliest is in full bloom, but not yet the ones with long flowers on the far left. The beautiful white wisteria will flower last, when the first one will be over, in about 10-15 days. As always in a garden, you cannot have it all at the same time. But no matter when in the next days, the wisterias will steal the show, before the first water lilies open on the surface of the Giverny pond.

First impressions in Monet’s garden

April 3, 2024

The Easter week-end is over, flowers are blooming, the first water lily pads float on Claude Monet’s pond, the little green bridge reflects on the water. It’s tulip time.