Autumn Stars

by Ariane ~ October 25, 2008

The fallen leaves of the three liquidambars look like stars picked on the surface of Monet’s pond at Giverny.

They twinkle against the dark blue reflection of the sky.

In 19th Century France it was a common pattern to paint murals of stars in the night on the ceilings of  churches.

2 Responses to “Autumn Stars”

  1. Jan Byington Says:

    This is inspiration for more paintings of water as a mirror and canvas of nature. I found your site looking at the Museums as I am going to England and Paris in Aug but I am probably going to be on a train past Giverny for 2 days in Paris. I would love to see this too. All the best

  2. Susan Kendall Says:

    I bet Monet didn’t use a leaf blower! The leaves look beautiful there in the pond.
    What is the obsession with the blower?

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