Blanche Painting

by Ariane ~ December 31, 2013

blanche-paintingHere is a not so famous painting by Monet that was on display in a recent exhibit at the Musee de Louviers, not far from Giverny. This oil on canvas is privately owned.

The title is “Blanche Painting with her Sister Suzanne on the Water Side”. It was painted in 1887 by Claude Monet.

Blanche was the daughter of Monet’s second wife Alice. She became his daughter-in-law by marrying Jean Monet, the painter’s eldest son.

Blanche was a talented artist. She often painted the same landscapes as Monet, in her own impressionist style, sometimes very similar to the style of the master.

Her sister Suzanne appears on numerous canvases, because she was a pretty young woman. Monet had her posing for his two attempts of a figure in open-air, aka as the girl with a parasol. (Musee d’Orsay, Paris)

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  1. Canadian Claudette Says:

    Hello Ariane: Thank you for another year of beautiful photographs and posts about Monet’s gorgeous gardens. I am so happy to be coming back to the gardens again in June, 2014. Happy New Year!

  2. Ariane Says:

    Thank you Claudette. It’s my pleasure to share pics of this amazing living painting. Hope to meet you in the gardens when you will be back. Happy trip planning!

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