Blooming Wisteria

by Ariane ~ May 14, 2008

The wisteria is at its peak over the Japanese Bridge in Claude Monet’s garden.

Its flowers look like long grapes. They are a soft tone of lavender and produce a delicious scent which recalls to the scent of jasmine.

It is an incredible feeling to stand on the bridge and be surrounded by the blooming wisteria all around you.

The beautiful effect doesn’t last very long, but Monet had thought of a special jocker. A second later wisteria will follow the lavender one when it is over. The second one is a white wisteria.


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  1. Kyra Robinson Says:

    I have very much enjoyed this website. I grew up loving Monet’s work even at a very young age. His art of nature has always been so beautiful and unique to me. I am 22 and live in Alabama in the US and have never been able to afford to go to France. I have always said that I am going to make it to Monet’s house in Giverny someday, and I have always put it as my highest priority of things to do when I travel to Europe. These photos of his house are great to look at until I make it over there. It is such a lovely place, and I can tell you think so as well!

    Thank you for sharing them!!

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