Giverny Beauties

by Ariane ~ April 28, 2017


Spring makes us all want to walk in beautiful gardens. At Giverny, azaleas and tulips gradually give way to irises, peonies and wisterias. The first water lilies should open within two weeks, recreating once more Monet’s beautiful setting and endless source of inspiration.  orange-tulip-bed-giverny

In the flower garden, visitors meander inside of a living painting where flowers recreate the illusion of brushstrokes. Monet had good reasons to claim that his garden was his most beautiful masterpiece.


Just like you can see the brushwork when you tour an exhibition and have a close look at paintings, at Giverny each single flower is a little universe in itself, offering its beauties to our admiration.


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  1. Sandra Goeldner Says:

    I have been looking at the 1904 Water Lillies painting for several months now, and I see a picture within the picture- of Claude Monet himself. I have not been able to find any informqtion about this to confirm my findings. Am I correct in what I see? Did he cleverly insert a facial rendering of himself -in between the water lillies? I see him gazing out -both eyes are seen, his nose and beard are also visable…why would he do this?
    Please let me know if there are others who have been able to recognize him-I also see other faces mixed in between the brush strokes-are these of him also?
    Thanks for your time, Sandra

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