Giverny Photo Gallery

by Ariane ~ April 21, 2012

giverny-monet-pondI have eventually gathered my favorite pictures of Giverny into a photo gallery.
Season after season, Monet’s water garden and flower garden change a lot.
I like early morning atmospheres as well as rainy days, bright sunshine or sunset. I like the snow white garden. I like roses and nympheas. I like the colors of autumn, the stunning reflections on the pond.
I hope you will like them too.

If you’d like painting after my pictures, please feel free. I would be happy to see your work.

6 Responses to “Giverny Photo Gallery”

  1. Sue Ann Lee Says:

    Bonjour Ariane ~ When I’m not in Giverny, reading your blog and enjoying your photography is my favorite way of feeling in touch with this garden I love so much. Vos photos sont un don de vos emotions ~ Tres bon, merci!

  2. Canadian Claudette Says:

    Hello Ariane: Your photos are wonderful. I wish I could paint from them. When it is grey and rainy here, I check out your blog and Monet’s beautiful gardens make me feel happy. I hope I get to see the gardens again one day. It is too long since I visited!

  3. Terry Jarvis Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful impressions of Giverny. – I am a fan!

  4. Canadian Claudette Says:

    That is so generous of you, Ariane. If I do paint from one of your gorgeous photos, I will be sure to send a photo of the painting to you.

  5. Sueann Hum Says:

    Bonjour Ariane –
    Our artists on My Art Trip love your guided tour of Monet’s property. Your insight and knowledge of the history there, family stories and development of the gardens is of more value than you may know!
    As we spend the week painting there, they would again mention something they’d learned from you. Your tour truly brought everything to life for us!
    This photo blog continues to keep us all connected to this extraordinary place.
    I look forward to our artists touring with you again in 2017.

    Bonne journee, !

  6. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much, Sue-Ann! It was a great pleasure sharing with your wonderful group of keen painters! I’m sure you were all inspired by the beauty of Giverny. It is a unique experience to have the opportunity of painting in Monet’s setting. Hope to see you soon again at Giverny!

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