Maintenance Tasks at Giverny

by Ariane ~ May 30, 2011

gardener-pondMonet’s Garden at Giverny is not a low maintainance garden. In the 19th Century, having gardeners and helpers was not as expensive as today. The wealthy painter could afford up to six full time gardeners to manucure his 5 acre garden.

One of the heavy task of his times that is still a daily core today was the skimming of the pond to take out all the dried leaves or petals floating on the surface.

The pond being surrounded by trees and flowers, it is the only way to keep the water clear.

The job takes two hours and must be done almost every day.

2 Responses to “Maintenance Tasks at Giverny”

  1. Sharen McDonald Says:

    Merci, Ariane! Right now I am working on a presentation on “Artists and Gardens” to share with a ‘study circle’ at McGill University in Montreal (Universite 3ieme Age) For many years, M. Monet has been dear to my heart! I was just reading about the gardeners and the pond and your fascinating insights have greatly enhanced my knowledge. I look forward to following your posts. S.McD.

  2. Hazel Says:

    I am planning to come to France for the first time and would like to visit Monet’s Gardens so I have been looking for information about them. I like your website and it makes me want to come even more. I thought the area would be busy and touristy but your information has shown me it is not. I think it sounds beautiful and hopefully I will see for myself.
    Thank you Ariane.

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