by Ariane ~ August 2, 2015


When there is no wind at all, the water lilies painted by Monet at Giverny seem to be floating in the air.

The surface of the pond is such a perfect mirror that the water turns invisible.

The rafts of water lilies resemble flying carpets en route for a long trip to mysterious countries.

2 Responses to “Mirror”

  1. Louise Says:

    Ariane, your website is such a gem…I’m so glad I discovered it. I am inspired by your writing, your ideas and expressions, your photographs, and the garden itself is inspiration for my own future garden. I get so much out of it!

  2. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much Louise! You may also like my french blog givernews.com, at least for the many pictures of Monet’s gardens. I wish you a lot of inspiration!

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