Monet’s Yellow Dining Room

by Ariane ~ December 17, 2012

Here is another view of Claude Monet’s yellow dining room at Giverny. Bright, charming, cozy, it is often considered inspiring by people seeking new ideas for their home.

The red and creamy tiles on the floor are typical for the local 19th Century style and can be found in many houses around. The furniture, including buffets and chairs, was also widely spread. Monet’s novelty was to paint it in these two tones of yellow.

Nevertheless, a strange spell lies on this dining room. Many visitors remember it as the “yellow kitchen”. However, the neighboring kitchen is absolutely blue, as you can spot through the door.

15 Responses to “Monet’s Yellow Dining Room”

  1. tenBoom Says:

    Wow! It looks good for the eyes! It’s refreshing.

  2. Gary Goodridge Says:

    Love your photos of the dining room. I too in my mind remembered the kitchen as painted yellow not blue! Do you know the Pantone color of yellow used in the dining room? Thinking of doing mine in a Monet-inspired way. Also, you sell a high resolution photo of the dining room?
    PS: My wife and I visited Givernay July, 2000, on our honeymoon.

  3. Ariane Says:

    Gary, Monet used chrome yellow in two shades, pure and mixed with white. If I believe the pantone scale it should be 144, but on my computer it doesn’t match at all with the color as it is in Monet’s dining room. I’m getting in touch with you by email for the picture. Painting your kitchen yellow will be a lovely reminder of your honeymoon.

  4. Madeline Petersen Says:

    Dear Ariane,
    Might you have the rgb values for the Pure Chrome Yellow and Light Chrome Yellow that was used in the Dining Room??

  5. Ariane Says:

    No I don’t, sorry.

  6. michelle pedroni Says:

    can you please tell me the painted colors in the kitchen?

    Thank you

  7. Ariane Says:

    The kitchen is blue, I don’t know the reference of the paint on the ceiling, sorry.

  8. Ariane Says:

    It is a pale blue lacquer but I don’t have the reference of the hue.
    In the dining room Monet used chrome yellow.

  9. Eva Says:

    Hi, does any body know if the chairs have a special name? Or the maker of them? Can similar chairs be bought?
    Thank you,

  10. Ariane Says:

    The chairs bought by Monet were a common pattern called “Chaise gerbe de blé” (sheaf of wheat chair). They can still be bought and are rather common in France, either as antiques or as new design. While writing to you I’m sitting on an old one. The seat is out of straw and it is a bit lower than modern ones.

  11. Eva Says:

    Thank you very much for the information Ariane, eva

  12. Digeorgia Biz Says:

    Hello, Could you please kindly email me the exact “ yellows” used in the dinning area? I am going to try recreating it in my home.
    Thank you so much!

  13. Ariane Says:

    I’ve seen this yellow changing with the repaint of the dining room, so there isn’t any ‘exact’ yellow. Look for Chrom yellow in bright and paler shade. Happy painting!

  14. What Can Yellow Walls Do for Your Home? – Cryptonounceiii Says:

    […] Monet’s yellow dining room at Giverny is very famous. It’s almost entirely yellow, with the exception of the floors, and brings to light how beautiful yellow can be when used in the kitchen. The beauty of this room leaves nothing more to be said when it comes to the idea of painting your kitchen yellow—so consider it! […]

  15. Mark Ponce Says:

    Monet’s yellow eating room at Giverny could be very well-known. It’s nearly solely yellow, except the flooring, and brings to mild how stunning yellow could be when used within the kitchen. The great thing about this room leaves nothing extra to be stated in the case of the concept of portray your kitchen yellow—so think about it!

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