by Ariane ~ August 28, 2008

The main alley of Monet’s garden at Giverny is invaded by nasturtiums.

Monet planted them this way, but originally, it was not on purpose.

Monet wanted to soften the straight lines of his alley by an edge of small flowers, and he planted what he thought were dwarf nasturtiums. Which appeared to be… rambling ones, and they started to creep over the gravel.

Monet liked this effect, then he repeated it intentionally every year.

It is a talent to know how to use one’s own mistakes.

2 Responses to “Nasturtiums”

  1. john rapoport Says:

    What kind/variety of nasturtiums are grown in the paths at Giverny? Are there seeds,(corms), for sale?

  2. Ariane Says:

    It is a combination of yellow, orange, red and brown creeping (or climbing) nasturtiums (tropaleum majus).
    The gardens don’t sell seeds from the grounds, no.

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