Seen from the sky

by Ariane ~ December 14, 2010


Thanks to Google maps, centered on Monet’s bust at Giverny, this is how Monet’s gardens look from a bird’s view. (it may take a while to load)
The pattern of flower beds looks very straight.
The green roof on the left is the greenhouse.
The big dark roof along rue Claude Monet is Monet’s home.
On the right you can see the big roof windows of his third studio.
If you drag the picture to the left you will visit the village of Giverny. The Museum of Impressionism has terrace roofs.
If you drag the picture to the bottom you will see the poplar grove that was chopped down last year.

Have a nice virtual tour of Giverny!


2 Responses to “Seen from the sky”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Why was the poplar grove cut down?

  2. Ariane Says:

    The poplar grove was cut down because the trees were mature. When they are 30 years od, they are’ripe’. Later the quality of their wood is not so good anymore.

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