Spring is Back!

by Ariane ~ March 22, 2023

Rue Claude-Monet, Giverny, 21 March 2023 – Photo Ariane Cauderlier

The main street of Giverny is still very peaceful and the shutters are still closed on Monet’s house, but strollers, if any, can notice that winter is over. A warmer air, a brighter sunshine, wind and short showers are giving a boost to nature. The large saucer magnolia next to Monet’ second studio couldn’t wait to open its buds. I hope it will still be beautiful on April 1st, when Monet’s house and gardens will open again after the winter break. Anyway there will be lots of colorful flowers to turn the gardens into a feast for the eyes. I can’t wait! Will you be back too?

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  1. LOV Flowers Says:

    How stunning, absolutely adore the pink flowers and the green trees in the background.

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