Standard Roses

by Ariane ~ June 13, 2011

Standard roses are one of the beauties of Giverny.

As tall as trees, they measure over 2 meters and they offer their pink blossom like enormous bouquets.

Rose trees are generally not strong enough to resist wind, so they are grown on metallic structures that look like umbrellas or mushrooms, according to your imagination. Some people call them weeping roses, that’s really too sad.

In Monet’s flower garden, they tower over big bunches of peonies and large flower beds of pink and red poppies.

4 Responses to “Standard Roses”

  1. Canadian Claudette Says:

    Hello Ariane:
    I come to your website when I want to take a deep breath. Your thoughts on the garden are always interesting and the photos are wonderful. My own visit was several years ago. I loved it and hope someday to come to France again, and to Monet’s wonderful garden.

  2. Andrey Says:

    I’m fully agree with Claudett.
    How it’s wonderfull when sitting in the office and having an everyday routine job to have a possibility to look at something joyful!
    Thank you.

    Andrey (Moscow)

  3. Ariane Says:

    Thank you Claudette and Andrey, I send you virtually a big bunch of flowers from Giverny!

  4. Barbara (Texas) Says:

    Our visit to the gardens at Giverny was the highlight of our trip. Finding your site to revisit the gardens is a nice surprise. The gardens are beautiful and one visit isn’t enough so we’ll have to return again. I am hoping that someone can tell me if the umbrella supports for the standard roses are available to be purchased somewhere. I can’t find any like the ones in the garden. The effect of the supports for the roses is wonderful.

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