The Ideal Bench

by Ariane ~ April 6, 2016


Did you ever try and grow a hyacinth in your kitchen? If so, you certainly remember how fragrant a single bulb is. So imagine being seated on this green bench in Monet’s garden, wrapped by the scent of hundreds of hyacinths… This is an early April rapture at Giverny.

The brand of the bench, le banc idéal – the ideal bench – has nothing to do with the floral wonders of Giverny. But it sounds appropriate, doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “The Ideal Bench”

  1. Vivian Says:

    Voila! It is for exactly this kind of detailed, inside information — Le Banc Ideal! — that I read your blog, Ariane. I have been to the garden 5 or 6 times, and I ever thought to READ the benches, even though I have photographed them and even painted them. this is delightful — thank you.

  2. Gill roberts Says:

    I visited your wonderful garden a few weeks ago, on a beautiful spring day.
    I wanted to say that it has always been on my places to visit list and it was the most inspiring experience, I went away with scent, colour and design in my heart.
    Thank you to James Priest who , I believe, has masterminded the planting and design. Truly Monet would be delighted that his vision and passion continue. Plus, of course, all the hardworking people who tend and nurture the garden.
    I hope to come again when those lilies are in bloom.
    With best wishes to you all,

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