The mysterious Owl of Giverny

by Ariane ~ August 15, 2014

A puzzling sign hangs on a fence in Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny. Visitors are begged not to disturb the owl. They scrutinize the cage. Where can this mysterious owl be sleeping?

Their efforts to find the bird are doomed to failure, because there has never been any owl in the poultry yard. It should read “Don’t disturb the Fowl” but a puckish hand erased the F!

The French translation is vague: don’t disturb the animals.

What can be seen are two white and black turkeys and a few chickens. From time to time, the roaster sings a loud Cocorico, regardless of any owls or human beings that could be asleep in the vicinity…

2 Responses to “The mysterious Owl of Giverny”

  1. Rebecca Michelle Says:

    I have been pouring over all your photo’s. I have to say you have an artists eye, you are an amazing photographer.

    I have to paint one of your pictures. I will feature it on my watercolor lesson site. link is included in my comment.

    I have always yearned to visit Monet’s garden. You are so lucky to be so close and to witness it’s transformations.

    Thank you for taking the time to post these beautiful photos!!!

    I am hypnotized by them, I cannot look away 🙂

    Rebecca Michelle

  2. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much Rebecca! Feel free to use the photos to paint. I would be very pleased to see your work afterwards.
    For more pictures of Giverny here is my gallery:

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