Water Lilies in their Glory

by Ariane ~ June 7, 2014

That many.

That plenty.

This is how the water lilies are blooming right now at Giverny. Pink, salmon, yellow, white.

For more pictures of Giverny, you may also enjoy my photo gallery Giverny Photo and, even if you don’t read French, my other blog Giverny News that I’ve been writing for 8 years.

I would like to dedicate this post to Marjorie, whom I met this week in the garden while I was photographying for the blogs. Marjorie is a painter and gives painting classes in Monet’s gardens after closing time. She came to me, ‘Are you Ariane?’ She wanted to say thank you for the blog.

You know, Giverny is a little heaven. Minutes ago, I was sitting in the garden waiting for a cloud to go away from the sun, and doubting. Is it still meaningful to go on with the blogs? When the sun came back, I got up for more pictures, and I met Marjorie and her gratefulness. She came to me like an angel. Life has the answer, when we ask a question. I’m grateful to you, Marjorie.


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  1. Jenny de la Haye Says:

    Bonjour Ariane, I too am a painter. Retired teacher. Before my hair gets any greyer I would like to realise my dream of visiting Monet’s jardin. My husband and I hope to come in Sept around the time of our wedding anniversary…maybe I could paint there…

  2. Rebecca Olson Says:

    Monet’s Garden

    I laud Claude Monet as the creator of a garden.
    To walk through Monet’s Garden leaves a lasting impression on my mind –
    by its restoration at this time, or the vivid imagining to have lived at that time.

    There is irony here, where detail is not in Monet’s Impressionist art, but an impression
    of light and shadow all at the surface. Yet Monet’s Garden has elaborate detail,
    and to create such a garden is below the surface – in thought, planning, and doing.

    To comprehend Monet’s Garden is to grasp the enlightening nexus of intellect and nature.
    Monet’s visionary idea, idée fixe, formed the structural foundation for land and water
    to connect with harmony and attraction, by natural art.

    A botanic elegance of water lilies – fleur de lis – float under a green wooden bridge, along – peace to ponder – rippled waters that flow from the River Epte.

    Windows of the Monet House have wide open shutters and green vines cling to the facade. Aspiration moves with inspiration, and I imagine Monsieur Monet felt a rapture, a rhapsody of the soul, in contemplation of the grandeur of his garden. Joseph Galasso

  3. Rebecca Olson Says:

    Bonjour Ariane,

    Many thanks for posting the poem on Monet’s Garden by my neighbor, Joseph Galasso. He is delighted that you posted his work, and wishes you to know that you have his full permission to use his writing for promotion of the gardens, or in any way you wish.

    Merci beaucoup,
    Rebecca Olson

  4. Marjorie Glick Says:

    Hi Arianne,
    I’m the Marjorie you spoke of. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. On cold winter days, and when I’m not painting in Giverny, your blog still gives me cheer! I’ll be returning in june 2016- See you then!

  5. Ariane Says:

    So happy to hear from you, Marjorie! (and sorry for the misspelling!) See you next June for sure!

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