Entries from January 2009

Monet in his studio

January 28, 2009

This is a view of Claude Monet standing in his first studio amidst his favorite canvases. The light of the afternoon is almost palpable.

This room located in his main house at Giverny was turned into his sitting-room after 1890.

When Monet became successful, he built a new house in the corner of his garden, where he moved his studio. He had now a well lit large room to work in and to store his paintings. The former studio became a place where he used to have a liquor after lunch, where he would sit to read a gardening book or a novel by Maupassant. Monet also used to write many letters.

The paintings for sale where displayed in the second studio whereas he kept the ones he cherished too much to sell them in the first studio.

The picture was made in springtime according to the tulips behind Monet. The photo reveals how much the painter loved flowers. There were at least six vases in his studio on this day!

Monet’s House

January 17, 2009

Monet’s house at Giverny looks exceptionally long while it is shallow.

The reason for this disproportion? Monet bought a medium sized farm, but he needed more space because of his extended family. Therefore he added two wings to the original building.

On the right he converted a former barn into his first studio. Over the studio he had his own bedroom and bathroom. Monet had even his own stairs and a garden door at his disposal in order not to disturb the family life when he went out early to paint, or when he came in with art collectors.

On the other side of the house, Monet demolished the tiny farm kitchen and designed a big and modern one, more suitable for a bourgeois family with gourmet tastes.

Over this new kitchen there were rooms for Alice’s four daughters. The four boys had their rooms in the attic.

The Snowy Garden

January 7, 2009

An unusual view of Giverny: Monet’s water garden is covered by snow.

Not much but enough to transfigure the usually colourfull garden.  The pond is frozen, except for the place around the island and the borders.

In the background the roses arches at the dock are still there as a landmark to the dormant garden.