Guided Tours

Licensed Guides Lecturers of Normandy

give private guided tours of Monet’s gardens

April 1st, 2023 – November 1st, 2023

Contact: Giverny guides

Explore Monet’s home and gardens!

The privately guided tour will lead you through Claude Monet’s wonderful gardens at Giverny and unveil for you the charm of his home.

The visit lasts about 1 hr 30
Meeting point is The Group Entrance.
By appointment only.

Guiding fees : 210 euros for 1 to 25 people. Admission is not included.

The Visit

Visiting Fondation Monet at Giverny with a guide, you will understand why these places inspired the leader of Impressionism. You will step on the famous Japanese bridge and walk around the water lily pond to observe the ever changing reflections on the water surface.
Then you will stroll across the Clos normand, the colorful flower garden blooming from spring to fall. Monet himself landscaped it by applying his sense of composition, perspective and colors to gardening.

The house is very authentic. You will see the first studio later to become the smoking-room, Monet’s and Alice’s separate bedrooms and bathrooms, the yellow dining-room with its extensive collection of Japanese woodblocks and the kitchen decorated with blue tiles.

Your guide will tell you how Monet transformed the house, a former farm, to his own taste. Thanks to many details about Monet’s family life in this very place you will take a leap backwards to the 19th Century.

Book your guided tour here: Giverny guides

Guided Tour for Groups up to 25 people

Guiding fees: 210 euros for the group.

  • This rate does not include admission.
    Tickets can be purchased at the Group Entrance: + 10 euros/person.
  • The guiding fees are to be paid to your guide
    (by cash or previous transfer, we can’t handle credit cards)
  • Tour Duration: 1 hour 30.
    The group will need at least 30 mn additional free time for Monet’s house, pictures, gift shop, etc.
  • The language is English, or German, or Spanish, or French upon your request. Tours are not bilingual.

Groups over 25 people will have to be divided.

Because of the narrow rooms it is not allowed to guide inside Monet’s home. Explanations will be given outside, then you will visit the house on your own.

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