Entries from September 2017


September 23, 2017


This fat boy is a finch. Finches are the most common birds at Giverny. They are easy to recognize with their pink belly and their grey hood. They sing, they hop around, they don’t seem to care about visitors. They live their own lives.


Like butterflies, birds bring their own magic into the garden of Monet.

Robins are also common and cute with their scarlet belly. When gardeners work, the robin that ‘owns’ the place is never very far away. And gardeners work at Giverny on a daily basis…


Japanese Anemone

September 2, 2017


Late summer is a feast for the eyes in Monet’s gardens at Giverny.

Japanese anemones, among many other flowers, are at their best.

Claude Monet grew them along the main alley.

He loved their elegant white flowers popping out against a beautiful green foliage.

On the photos taken in his times, simple white Japanese anemones can be seen.

Nowadays they also exist in pink and can be double or even fluffy.

All of them are lovely perennials that last for decades.