Entries from April 2010

Whimsical Life

April 21, 2010

It has been sunny and dry lately at Giverny. So, when the gardeners start watering in Monet’s gardens, it sounds like a relief not only for flowers.

 All sorts of tiny little creatures start moving again, as long as the leaves are wet enough to slide on them.

I admired this cute little pink snail and its incredible sense of balance on the edge of a tulip leaf.

Cute, but certainly greedy too! Isn’t it a shame to feed oneself on Monet’s flowers?


April 16, 2010

Spring at Giverny is like fireworks renewed every two weeks.

Daffodils and hyacinths burst out first, followed by tulips and alliums.

Bright colorful bulbs are everywhere, in the middle of the lawns, in squares, in rows, squattered in flowerbeds…

The gardens of Claude Monet opened two weeks ago, on April 1st. During the winter, benches and fences have been freshly repainted in green, and the spring garden looks repainted too, with the fresh greens of  leaves and of grass.

Japanese cherries and crab apple offer their blossoms to the breeze, creating delicate flakes of pink snow.

The air is full of delicious scents and birds songs, and the sun is higher every day.