Entries from December 2009

Happy New Year!

December 27, 2009

It is time for Season Greetings, so I wish you all the best for 2010.

Let the old year become a dry leaf blown away by the wind, and new sprouts grow, like green buds full of life and energy!

It is time for garden dreams, when flowers still sleep in the cold ground.

And time for dreams of travelling as soon as the sun is higher and warmer again.

Will you come to Giverny this year?

Needle Works

December 15, 2009

When the weather gets cold and evenings dark, it is nice to grasp one’s needles again. Do you like knitting? Alice, Monet’s second wife, loved crocheting. The word seems to come from the french, a crochet being a little hook.

Needle works were considered an elegant pastime in the 19th century. In the middle class, the so called bourgeoisie, and in the aristocracy, ladies and young demoiselles were not supposed to work. But they were supposed to develop their talents at sorted hobbies, watercolor painting, singing, playing the piano… A good command of needle works was also extremely important to be considered an accomplished woman. This meant you would be able to cope with a household. And idleness is so dangerous, isn’t it ?

Alice Monet had four daughters. There was no season for embroidering or sewing for them. When it was cold they sat in the salon, next to the fire place. When it was warm, they preferred the open air and spent the afternoon on the benches of this place under the big tree, on the corner of the Clos Normand.

This place is still called the Ladies Circle.