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Water Lilies in their Glory

June 7, 2014

giverny-water-lilies That many.

That plenty.

This is how the water lilies are blooming right now at Giverny. Pink, salmon, yellow, white,

For more pictures of Giverny, you may also enjoy my photo gallery Giverny Photo and, even if you don’t read French, my other blog Giverny News that I’ve been writing for 8 years.

I would like to dedicate this post to Margerie, whom I met this week in the garden while I was photographying for the blogs. Margerie is a painter and gives painting classes in Monet’s gardens after closing time. She came to me, ‘Are you Ariane?’ She wanted to say thank you for the blog.

You know, Giverny is a little heaven. Minutes ago, I was sitting in the garden waiting for a cloud to go away from the sun, and doubting. Is it still meaningful to go on with the blogs? When the sun came back, I got up for more pictures, and I met Margerie and her gratefulness. She came to me like an angel. Life has the answer, when we ask a question. I’m grateful to you, Margerie.


Monet’s Studio

May 20, 2013

giverny-030 The first studio occupied by Claude Monet is part of his main house at Giverny. In this room, Monet stored the paintings he didn’t want to sell, to keep a record of the steps of his career.

Nowadays, the furniture is still authentic, as well as the objects decorating the room, but the paintings are all copies. Monet lined them on the walls on several rows up to the ceiling.

This studio was restored recently, it looks as if Monet had just left it.

Monet’s Property at Giverny

April 20, 2013

monet-second-studio Monet’s property at Giverny is surrounded by high stone walls. This is nothing special in Normandy, as many estates and gardens are a so called ‘norman enclosure’, in French ‘Clos normand’. The walls are a good protection against rabbits and deers, and excellent for privacy.

Here is a pic of Monet’s second studio seen from the main street of Giverny, rue Claude Monet. This building is not open to the public. It houses offices and reception rooms for the administration of Fondation Claude Monet.

At Monet’s time, it was used as a studio where Monet stored the paintings for sale, and completed them if necessary. Monet designed the studio to receive northern light.

The big green gate was the gate to the garage sheltering his car, a Panhard Levassor that he bought in 1900.

On the far left, Claude Monet’s main house appears in the distance.

Spring is Back!

March 26, 2013

giverny-04-20-2012 After five months of Winter break,  Giverny will open again on Friday, 29th March instead of the traditional April 1st. This early opening is meant to welcome visitors on Easter week-end.

I’m thrilled to be back again soon in these magnificent gardens to share their beauty with you!

Photo: Giverny, April 20, 2012

Early Morning at Giverny

February 3, 2013

giverny-light 7:30 a.m. at Giverny, 4 May.

The sun appears behind the hill, enlightening the soft mist lingering over Monet’s pond.

The garden is quiet, peaceful.

Birds are singing the new day.

And light starts its magic on the surface of the water.

Hello world!

April 20, 2008


Welcome to Giverny.
This is my first post. I work as a guide in Claude Monet’s gardens and home at Giverny, Normandy, France.

It is a unique place created by the painter himself, an avid gardener.

 Monet landscaped his garden, using all what he knew about colors and composition to compose the flower beds or design the alleys.

He considered it his most beautiful artwork because it was a living one, changing with the seasons. 

Then he painted it, over and over again. He wanted to render the changing light, the impression of the moment.

I would like to try and render my everyday impressions too and share with you the beauty of this garden, and generally my passion for Monet and his works.