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Dahlia Time

August 31, 2019

One of the many beautiful dahlias at Giverny

Late summer is a great time of year to visit Giverny, especially because of the fantastic dahlias that are now at their best in the flower beds.

Monet loved dahlias. We know from his step-son Jean-Pierre Hoschedé that he was fond of a variety called ‘Etoile de Digoin’, a starry dahlia that can still be admired in the garden. The gardeners do their best to find old varieties, as far as possible. They also plant lots of modern dahlias, because Monet looked for the newest hybrids of his times.

Dahlias are said to be easy to cross fertilize. Monet himself is supposed to have made an attempt and obtained a new variety – unfortunately it is lost now. Each year new dahlias appear on the market, and they are just amazing. They range from tiny to huge, from one color to several, they have all kinds of petals, of shape, of hues… They play their part in the stunning beauty of late summer at Giverny.

Under the Beech

July 28, 2019

The entrance to Monet’s water garden

While many people enjoy being at the beach in August, at Giverny visitors like staying under the beech. The big copper beech planted by Monet is now a mature tree providing a wonderful shade in summer.

From this spot, we cannot see the water lily pond yet. It will appear in a few steps. The famous Japanese bridge painted so often by Monet is just in front of us.

The Short Season of Peonies

May 1, 2019

Vibrant colors are softened by bright greens in front of Monet’s house at Giverny

Peonies belonged to Monet’s most cherished flowers. Rare species were sent to him from Asia, needless to say that the painter was thrilled and took great care of them.

Their beautiful colors and fragile looking petals have still many admirers. The giant size of the flowers, their light scent and ornamental foliage make them must have in a garden.

At Giverny, they are combined with annuals and spring bulbs. The gardeners experiment new harmonies every year, which is a good tip to avoid monotony in your on garden. If by any chance you are not enthusiastic about the result, it doesn’t matter much because bulbs can be changed next year. And peonies flower for such a short time that the not-so-well-matching effect will not last.

Giverny at Easter

April 20, 2019

Claude Monet’s water garden at Giverny on 18th April

It is going to be a sunny and warm long week-end of Easter, and just as leaves feel like bursting out of the buds and bathing in the sunshine, we will be many to take advantage of these lovely days to walk out in the open air, enjoying the breeze on our face.

At Giverny, in Claude Monet’s garden, a special treat awaits visitors: many spring flowers are fragrant. Some smell like perfume, especially on sunny days.

Flowers live their own lives. They want to attract pollinating insects. They make lots of efforts, they dress themselves in bright colors, they produce these intoxicating scents to obtain the favor of insects visit. As human beings, we are not involved in this process. We are just observers, fascinated by their beauty.

After all the colors of the flower garden, the water garden of Giverny is a peaceful heaven where to relax and daydream. To make most of your day, come at opening time or in late afternoon. The best hour is the last one.