Giverny Photo Gallery

by Ariane ~ April 21, 2012

giverny-monet-pondI have eventually gathered my favorite pictures of Giverny into a photo gallery.
Season after season, Monet’s water garden and flower garden change a lot.
I like early morning atmospheres as well as rainy days, bright sunshine or sunset. I like the snow white garden. I like roses and nympheas. I like the colors of autumn, the stunning reflections on the pond.
I hope you will like them too.

If you’d like painting after my pictures, please feel free. I would be happy to see your work.

4 Responses to “Giverny Photo Gallery”

  1. Sue Ann Lee Says:

    Bonjour Ariane ~ When I’m not in Giverny, reading your blog and enjoying your photography is my favorite way of feeling in touch with this garden I love so much. Vos photos sont un don de vos emotions ~ Tres bon, merci!

  2. Canadian Claudette Says:

    Hello Ariane: Your photos are wonderful. I wish I could paint from them. When it is grey and rainy here, I check out your blog and Monet’s beautiful gardens make me feel happy. I hope I get to see the gardens again one day. It is too long since I visited!

  3. Terry Jarvis Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful impressions of Giverny. – I am a fan!

  4. Canadian Claudette Says:

    That is so generous of you, Ariane. If I do paint from one of your gorgeous photos, I will be sure to send a photo of the painting to you.

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