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  1. Jan Byington Says:

    This is inspiration for more paintings of water as a mirror and canvas of nature. I found your site looking at the Museums as I am going to England and Paris in Aug but I am probably going to be on a train past Giverny for 2 days in Paris. I would love to see this too. All the best

  2. Jan Byington Says:

    Ariane, Your camera is your paintbrush. Thank you for the photos.
    I plan to take a train from London to Paris in Aug but would it stop in Giverny, I would love to stop off in Giverny.

  3. candle holders Says:

    This is strange effect i have to see it with my eyes

  4. La fargussienne Says:

    Stupid Fargussienne ! I only now had the idea of coming on the English version of the site and I’m delighted to learn and smile in the meantime, thanks !

  5. Ariane Says:

    Welcome! I try not to repeat the same stories, as I’ve noticed some readers like both versions. By the way, this one would deserve a ‘Je ne parle pas anglais!’ link.

  6. Tessa Says:

    Are the irises in flower yet?
    When the change over from Spring to Summer flowers takes place are there plenty of other plants to bridge the gap or does it look barer for a while?
    Here it is catwalk time for flowers at the Chelsea flower show this week. Some have been held back and some brought on ahead of their time and it is odd to see plants in flower together from different seasons.
    Best wishes,

  7. La fargussienne Says:

    Ariane did you happen to read “Bumble-bee honey” by Torgny Lindgren ? It’s fascinating !

  8. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for the advice!

  9. Linda Clark-Koball Says:

    One of the most beautiful places on Earth.

  10. Linda Clark-Koball Says:

    One of the most beautiful and peaceful places on Earth….

  11. Richard Neal Says:

    i loved the picture of those trees. and great story too. thanks for sharing..

  12. Geraldine Barr Says:

    Bonjour, As a photographer (who isn’t!) I thank you for your idea that we should have people in our photographs.
    It does not make sense to have empty pictures, very true! Thank you! Merci. ( I hope we can stay at your lovely B&B in Vernon in July) Merci
    And thank you for having your blog available in English, wonderful!!!

  13. Tessa Says:

    This rose is new to me, looks lovely. We have our local lavender open days and PYO this coming w/e and I will have a stand there with paintings and cards of lavender. The person on the next stand sells lavender cookies which will be nice with my coffee.

  14. Tessa Says:

    Wow, what a privilege, I shall look forward to seeing some more. I think what struck me when I entered that room was, as well as the yellow, the big number of chairs.

  15. Ariane Says:

    You are right, they deserve a special post!

  16. Ellen Says:

    It was Giant!
    Wish you a great success with Joan Mitchell exhibition too.

  17. aldo Says:

    monet just arrived to my life this year.
    and i made a copy of his red boats surprising myself cause it was good.
    his work has dominated my life in this months in a complete way. i feel his paints like prints from inside his brain showing this new path to see things.
    there’s not only one way to see the world, and impressions are richer.

  18. Kevin Charnas Says:

    I am so happy to have found your website! I love it. And congratulations on being granted permission!
    That is indeed an honor. Will you be posting those photos periodically? I can’t wait to see Giverny in person one day…

  19. lee strasburger Says:

    we want to see the rest of the house please, bedrooms?

  20. Ariane Says:

    Jana and Lena, thanks a lot for your kind comments. I love to share the beauty of Giverny with every garden lovers in the world. I do my best with the comments in English, fortunately photos speak by themselves. The gardeners do a wonderful work. Have a nice year full of flowers!

  21. Ariane Says:

    The end of April is absolutely breathtaking at Giverny, with all the bulbs in bloom, trees, roses, and wisterias… I wish you a great time!

  22. Hazel Says:

    The checkered floor and its color is a perfect contrast. I totally love this.

  23. karen Says:

    I really enjoyed your writing and photos

  24. Melanie Says:

    What a special place to be. I am working on a quilt inspired by my visit there many years ago. Thank you for your blog. I am looking at it for further inspiration for colours.

  25. Terese Says:

    Thanks for publishing this photo you have captured perfectly the nuance of what Monet created both in his real garden and in his art.

  26. Melanie Says:

    It looks beautiful yet somehow bare without all the flowers. It is still such a beautiful and spoecial place though.

  27. Betsy Says:

    Bonjour Madame,

    May I ask you to help me find the maker of the curtains inside Giverny, we were there only a few years ago and I have searched the internet for a source of the beautiful sheer check window curtains, I remember them in several colors. I would dream of having a piece of Giverny here in my home to remember. Thank you so much 🙂 Betsy

  28. Ariane Says:

    The checked curtains of Monet’s home are yellow or blue. It is a traditional pattern, normally this fabric should be easy to find.

  29. art traveller Says:

    Thank you for wonderful photos and a very interesting blog! Giverny is truly a living work of Monet left for us to admire …

  30. Carolyn Says:

    I am planning a visit to Normandy and spending endless hours trying to navigate the internet and my way/stay there and I happen upon your blog. I am deeply touched not only by your beautiful photos and posts but because I sense joy in what you are doing. What more is there except share it as you are with us fortunate readers. Blessings!

  31. Ariane Says:

    Oh, thank you very much for your kind comment. I am so happy about what you say, because it is a challenge for me to write in English. I am glad if I manage to share my joy about this little corner of paradise. For more on Giverny you can also visit my French blog, I wish you a wonderful time in France!

  32. Melanie Says:

    A very pretty area. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Gerry Wilmer Says:

    I would like to know if the Museum of Impressionism runs artists residencies, and how an artist can apply!! Thank you.

  34. Tessa Says:

    They are blooming in my garden too starting just after the yellow flowers of Hammamaelis have faded.

  35. Andreia Says:

    I can not wait to be there during my first visit to France, on next Jun/2010.
    And see all these beautys that inspired the artist.

  36. Cynthia Brian Says:

    Thank you, Ariane, for the dedication. Yes, I am the proud “Chicken Lady” of California. I have raised many breeds of chickens since I was eight years old and I still have about 24 chickens today. Alas, my last brood of chicks turned out to be all roosters. They, too, try to out cock-a-doodle-do one another.

    I miss Monet’s gardens.

    Merci a vous!

  37. Susan Kendall Says:

    I bet Monet didn’t use a leaf blower! The leaves look beautiful there in the pond.
    What is the obsession with the blower?

  38. Jeaneene Nooney Says:

    Lovely. Lovely. So cheery. Wish I had all that copper. : )

  39. margaret Says:

    have interest in monets went to boston in 87 saw many different art works there and in minnesota at walker art center….

  40. Giverny | Giverny is a Village Says:

    […] things are still the same. A stroll through the main street of the village will lead you to the newly renovated nice little church. Posted in […]

  41. linda perry Says:

    Thank you, Ariane, for your insights into the beautiful garden and their history. I was there last fall and so each of these descriptions shows the other seasons and the work behind the scenes.

  42. Kate Farrugia Says:

    I’m very glad indeed I have found your website.It’s an honor to see for real where the great Master used to live .I’m dreaming one day to see it for real.

    Please do show us more.

  43. agatha Says:

    Very inspiring, one can dream of planting this and gain inspiration from Monet garden. Beautiful absolutely beautiful and I plan to visit soon!

  44. Carol Says:

    I visited Giverny, and Monet’s kitchen and dining room had such an effect on me that I’m going to design mine after his!

  45. Linda Moore Says:

    Thank you for these views of the gardens during the year. My husband and I visited early June 2010 as I had been inspired years ago by a biography on Monet and was thrilled to visit “en place”. I would have loved time in the garden “alone” as Monet knew it…You have given me a sense of that presence with your blog. He lives on– in our hearts, in his paintings and in the garden.

  46. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Linda! You’re right, Monet’s presence is more sensitive when there are less people in the gardens. I hope you will experience it one day. In Autumn, after 4.00pm, ther eare often more staff members than visitors!

  47. Kathryn Says:

    Why was the poplar grove cut down?

  48. Ariane Says:

    The poplar grove was cut down because the trees were mature. When they are 30 years od, they are’ripe’. Later the quality of their wood is not so good anymore.

  49. April in Paris… | Says:

    […] Claude Monet lived and painted in Giverny for 43 years.  The house is most charming, certainly colorful like we do not often see in the US, yet looks so appropriate in the french countryside.  The gardens are out of this world.  I am hoping that some of the seeds I brought home from Giverny will transform my humble abode at 44 Farrar Road into such an estate.  I was very partial to Monet’s studio where replicas of his artwork hung in tiers.  It would be an interesting and striking way to display multiple pieces of art – like 10 plus pieces on one wall.  To see more photos from inside the house click here. […]

  50. Canadian Claudette Says:

    Hello Ariane:
    I come to your website when I want to take a deep breath. Your thoughts on the garden are always interesting and the photos are wonderful. My own visit was several years ago. I loved it and hope someday to come to France again, and to Monet’s wonderful garden.

  51. Andrey Says:

    I’m fully agree with Claudett.
    How it’s wonderfull when sitting in the office and having an everyday routine job to have a possibility to look at something joyful!
    Thank you.

    Andrey (Moscow)

  52. Ariane Says:

    Thank you Claudette and Andrey, I send you virtually a big bunch of flowers from Giverny!

  53. Kyra Robinson Says:

    I have very much enjoyed this website. I grew up loving Monet’s work even at a very young age. His art of nature has always been so beautiful and unique to me. I am 22 and live in Alabama in the US and have never been able to afford to go to France. I have always said that I am going to make it to Monet’s house in Giverny someday, and I have always put it as my highest priority of things to do when I travel to Europe. These photos of his house are great to look at until I make it over there. It is such a lovely place, and I can tell you think so as well!

    Thank you for sharing them!!

  54. Barbara (Texas) Says:

    Our visit to the gardens at Giverny was the highlight of our trip. Finding your site to revisit the gardens is a nice surprise. The gardens are beautiful and one visit isn’t enough so we’ll have to return again. I am hoping that someone can tell me if the umbrella supports for the standard roses are available to be purchased somewhere. I can’t find any like the ones in the garden. The effect of the supports for the roses is wonderful.

  55. isabel Says:

    thank you for your beautiful blog. i was wondering if you could help me with a somewhat related question. do you know who sells the beautiful poster for the Monet Museum that features a landscape of the gardens. Painted in the background is a large yellow building. Thanks for your help in this matter. Isabel

  56. Ariane Says:

    Is it a garden with a boy on stairs, and sunflowers around?

  57. Noreen Says:

    Your site is very inspirational- thank you for the insightful pictures captured.

  58. April in Paris… | BJTO Designs Says:

    […] Claude Monet lived and painted in Giverny for 43 years. The house is most charming, certainly colorful like we do not often see in the US, yet looks so appropriate in the french countryside. The gardens are out of this world. I am hoping that some of the seeds I brought home from Giverny will transform my humble abode at 44 Farrar Road into such an estate. I was very partial to Monet’s studio where replicas of his artwork hung in tiers. It would be an interesting and striking way to display multiple pieces of art – like 10 plus pieces on one wall. To see more photos from inside the house click here. […]

  59. Jill Shipton Says:

    I was lucky enough to have visited this beautiful garden on May 1st. Apart from the water garden my favourite part was the blue forget me nots with the pink tulips. Do you know the name of the tulips? I would love to copy the look in my garden. You are so lucky working at such a lovely place.

  60. Sharen McDonald Says:

    Merci, Ariane! Right now I am working on a presentation on “Artists and Gardens” to share with a ‘study circle’ at McGill University in Montreal (Universite 3ieme Age) For many years, M. Monet has been dear to my heart! I was just reading about the gardeners and the pond and your fascinating insights have greatly enhanced my knowledge. I look forward to following your posts. S.McD.

  61. Renaud H Says:

    Dear Madame
    May I have your permission to use the image of the house overhanging the Seine in my website (I presume there is a copyright).
    Eventually, I will have a page with the theme being “Strange Architectures around the world”.
    Of course, I will give yourself and your website due credit (via a link to your website).
    Many thanks and best wishes.
    Renaud H.

  62. Julie Mautner Says:


    Your readers might like to know about the new book MONET AT GIVERNY.

    I’m giving away three copies on my website To enter, go here:


  63. Renaud H Says:

    Good eye for photography!
    Excellent images

  64. Annette Says:

    Hi Ariane, I recently visited Monet’s home, and found it thoroughly amazing, like a step back in time. Your photos
    are beautiful. I am making a photobook of my trip to France, Germany and Austria. As you know photos inside
    the house are not allowed. I would very much appreciate your permission to put three of your photos in my book.
    The dining room, Monet’s bedroom and the kitchen. The book is for personal use only and will not be published.
    Thank you.

  65. Ariane Says:

    Please do, Annette, you are welcome. Thank you for asking.

  66. Ian Findlater Says:

    Thankyou for providing the seasonal highlights of this special place. We are planning a visit next year, possibly in July, and I was wondering if this is a good time to come or whether to find a better time. Your diary suggests that there is always something wonderful to enjoy.
    The Hermitage also looks a cosy authentic and convenient place to lodge. We will be booking!

  67. Ariane Says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting you next July, Ian! There should be many waterlilies, liliums, crocosmias, gladiolas, etc.

  68. Hazel Says:

    I am planning to come to France for the first time and would like to visit Monet’s Gardens so I have been looking for information about them. I like your website and it makes me want to come even more. I thought the area would be busy and touristy but your information has shown me it is not. I think it sounds beautiful and hopefully I will see for myself.
    Thank you Ariane.

  69. Judy Akers Says:

    Does the museum gift shop still sell miniature replicas of the kitchen, dining room, and studio (room boxes)?

  70. Ariane Says:

    Judy: yes, the gift shop of Fondation Monet still sells many room boxes inspired by Monet’s home!

  71. Babs Loyd Says:

    I visited the large glass studio while at Giverny and felt so envious! What a lovely spot to paint his large canvases.

    So few photos of Camille Doncieux Monet exist, can you refer me to more? I have seen only one thus far.

  72. Anna Says:

    Hello. I was wondering if it was still possible to see the gardens next weekend even though Monet’s home and such doesn’t open until the 1st of April. This is one of my few chances to see the gardens and was wondering if I should put in the effort of getting to Giverny and it all being closed. Thank you

  73. Ariane Says:

    Hello Anna, to be honest I must say it is rather disapointing to visit Giverny while Monet’s place is closed. You can have a glimpse over the fence, but the winter garden doesn’t compare with the beauty of the garden when it is full of flowers. It is frustrating to come in winter. There is so much to do and see in France! I wish you a very nice stay, and hope you will make it to Giverny one day when it is open, to see this gorgeous garden.

  74. carolyn mullet Says:

    Thanks for listing the plants. Trying to imagine I’m walking down that path. Also wondering what the temperature are at Giverny right now and how it may effect the garden.

  75. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Carolyn. It is rather cold right now at Giverny, freezing at night, the pond itself is frozen. But the gardeners manage to plant pansies and wall flowers. I had several posts on the garden in winter in the past years, so I am not speaking about this topic anymore. You will find them easily on the blog.

  76. Jeannette Says:

    Preparing for a “Masters” oilpainting class, I was searching for actual photographs (as opposed to reproduction prints). In my 20+ years of experience, dearest Ariane, your simple “Through the Willow” is the first to open a flood of tears from my eyes.

  77. Jeannette Says:

    Nature’s beauty in wondrous perfection… breathtaking.

  78. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for sharing your emotion, Jeannette. It gives sense to my sharing, too.

  79. Betty Bowen Says:

    Ariane, I found your blog while searching for information about how to sketch in the gardens. I will be contacting the Foundation for my visit this summer when I will be wandering around France painting for a couple of weeks. Thank you for the information and these beautiful photos of the gardens in winter. Regards, Betty

  80. Ariane Says:

    Betty, I wish you a lot of fun painting in Monet’s gardens! I hope you will show us your work.

  81. colleen Says:

    Where in France it is possible to find these tiles? Thanks

  82. Ariane Says:

    Colleen, I don’t know of retailers for the tiles, but we are happy to forward orders.

  83. TY Says:


    I was just wondering if I can still visit Monet’s House and Garden in late March, 2012.


  84. Ariane Says:

    Thomas, Monet’s gardens are closed until 31st March, to bad! The first day is April 1st.

  85. Alice Maltby Says:

    Dear Ariane,
    I have never replied to a blog before but I just wanted to say I love your blog on Monet’s garden. I am recovering from a knee operation and I really cheered up reading that it is possible to paint in the garden after hours with permission. I have visited the garden twice but always with a group. I hope to come on my own or with just one friend.
    Please keep up your good work. I envy you being in Giverny all the time.
    Best wishes

  86. Ariane Says:

    Alice, thank you so much for your kind comment and encouragement! It is very sunny right now in Giverny, Spring is coming. Hope to see you here this year, painting among the flowers!

  87. Terry Benske Says:

    Hello, We live in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. We are interested in painting the exterior of this home the same as Giverny’s. How can we find out the name of the manufacturer of the paint and the names of the 3 colors. Green, pink and the trim seems to be a white of a cream color.
    We thank you very much for your time,
    Terry and Jack Benske

  88. Ariane Says:

    Terry, it will probably be complicated to order from a French manufacturer, but I recommend a good book, Monet’s House by Heide Michels, on which you will find strokes of colors for each room and for the facade. You can rely on them to have a customised color prepared by your nearest painting shop. I would be happy to receive a picture of the finished facade! Bonne peinture !

  89. Betty Bowen Says:

    Ariane, I enjoy your blog very much. I am visiting in June for two days. I’ve written to the foundation for permission to paint after hours either day, so I hope they will say yes!

    Here in Oklahoma our spring started a month early, and we did not have winter, so it will be very interesting to see what happens with our gardens.

  90. Di Eats the Elephant Says:

    Beautiful! It’s a shame it’s not open during the winter.

  91. carolyn mullet Says:

    You make me long to visit. Very nicely written.

  92. Sue Ann Lee Says:

    Bonjour Ariane ~ When I’m not in Giverny, reading your blog and enjoying your photography is my favorite way of feeling in touch with this garden I love so much. Vos photos sont un don de vos emotions ~ Tres bon, merci!

  93. Canadian Claudette Says:

    Hello Ariane: Your photos are wonderful. I wish I could paint from them. When it is grey and rainy here, I check out your blog and Monet’s beautiful gardens make me feel happy. I hope I get to see the gardens again one day. It is too long since I visited!

  94. Terry Jarvis Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful impressions of Giverny. – I am a fan!

  95. Jenny Says:

    Hi Ariane,
    I love your blog, and sincerely wish you had been writing it at the time I came to Giverny, 6 or so years ago. Your writing and photos reflect the spirit of Giverny so well. Congratulations, and keep writing. I shall pop in for inspiration from time to time! I have put a link on my own blog to yours here,
    with best wishes,

  96. Ariane Says:

    Thank you Jenny, I hope you will be back again soon!

  97. Canadian Claudette Says:

    That is so generous of you, Ariane. If I do paint from one of your gorgeous photos, I will be sure to send a photo of the painting to you.

  98. theresa Says:

    what is the purple rose that is growing at Giverny

  99. alaa helbawi Says:

    it’s like a dream

  100. Kate Bowman Says:

    Will it be a nice visit at the end of October or November lst?

  101. Ariane Says:

    Kate, it depends if we get early frost or not. You’re sure to have a nice water garden with beautiful reflections of fall foliage in the pond. But the flower garden could be damaged by night frost in late October or on November 1.

  102. Ron Mullis Says:

    Hi Ariane: I really enjoy looking at all your photos. Would you mind if I use the Wisteria photo on a website I am designing for Wisteria Wellness Center, Inc. This is an integrative psychiatry office with a Holistic approach. I totally understand that these photos are near and dear to you so I understand if you say no. In any case, thanks for sharing your wonderful work!


  103. Rebecca Says:

    please send me more information about the tiles, thanks.

  104. Derek Harris Says:

    I have know the garden at Giverny for many years as a professional photographer. I produced with Random House Publishers in the 80’s a very successful book on the gardens of Giverny which sold 174,000 copies and I also produced stationary and calendars for the shop. I do enjoy watching the subtle changes in planting and do really like the ‘new’ pastel shades that your new head gardener has introduced. Please can you tell me his name.

    Thanking you in anticipation. Derek Harris

  105. Ariane Says:

    The head gardener of Giverny is Mr. James Priest.

  106. Penny Kaestli Says:

    I will be in Paris 03/30/13 to 04/08/13 to see my daughter in the Paris Marathon on 04/07.
    When would be the best time to see Giverny?
    Thank you, Penny

  107. Ariane Says:

    The best day will probably be the Wednesday, depending on the weather.

  108. Penny Kaestli Says:

    Is it usually rainy late March / early April?
    Thanks, Penny

  109. Ariane Says:

    The weather at Giverny is absolutely unpredictable and constantly changing.

  110. Lynda Sudah Says:

    This picture is exquisite & would inspire anyone to paint it. Wonderful! Thank you. I hope someday to visit Hovering also.

  111. Marlene Says:

    Hi Theresa,
    I have spent the last 6 months trying to find out the same. I would also like to know the name of the beautifully scented orange rose planted near the pen where the chickens & turkeys are kept. If anyone can help identify these two roses I would really appreciate it.
    Many thanks in anticipation,

  112. reg mclean Says:

    I am interested to know the exact location of Monet’s Blue House Vegetable Garden. Can you assist? Do any photographs of the garden exist?

  113. Ariane Says:

    As far as i know if was on the back of the Blue House.

  114. tenBoom Says:

    Wow! It looks good for the eyes! It’s refreshing.

  115. Robyn Says:

    your writings and photos are beautiful. I am afraid our visit to Normandy will be next week during winter. I wonder if there is anything for us to do or see in Giverny. I have long been a fan of Monet and would love to visit his home. Thank you.

  116. Ariane Says:

    You can see the village itself, the surroundings, but the museums are closed in February and March.

  117. Christina Czarnecki Says:

    dear Ariane,is it possible to stay in the gardens for few days to paint? paint like Monet or allmost?
    I am a painter and I am dreaming about this kind of action.
    Greetings ,

  118. Ariane Says:

    To paint in the gardens, you need permission of Fondation Monet.

  119. Karen Lum Says:

    I have seen Giverny’s fall gardens and want to see the garden in spring. Do you expect any spring plants might be flowering April 2-9?

  120. Ariane Says:

    Early April is the best time for daffodils, helleborus, mahonias, magnolias…

  121. Ariane Says:

    The purple rose is “Rhapsody in Blue”.

  122. Emily Gayhart Says:

    Having only seen the garden in September, I look forward to watching its flowering progression throughout the season. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  123. Jayne Poston Says:

    I am so glad I read your blog. I missed Giverny last visit. I didn’t the garden closed. I was
    planning a October first week visit. So glad I know now as I was coming to Normandy and
    wanted to include Giverney.

  124. Jayne Poston Says:

    I am so glad I read your notes. I missed Giverny last visit. I didn’t know the garden closed. I was
    planning a October first week visit. So glad I know now as I was coming to Normandy and
    wanted to include Giverney.

  125. Ariane Says:

    Dear Jayne, Monet’s house and gardens are open every day from April 1st to November 1st.

  126. Jayne Poston Says:

    Must plan June trip.

  127. Margaret Says:

    Welcome back Ariane. So glad to see see your posts again. Looking forward to them and your beautiful photos.

  128. Annemarie Says:

    We will be arriving in Paris next week and was planning a visit to Giverney later in the week. The weather wi colder temps, has anything started blooming? Wish we planned a May trip now, was hopping to see a few things in bloom on our April trip.

  129. Natasha Says:

    Me and my husband are planning to visit GIverny gardens first days of may.
    I hope thaw weather will not delay the flower blooming.
    We plan to take a train and walk to the gardens.
    Do you think it is a good plan?

  130. Ariane Says:

    It is a good plan if you like walking. It takes about one hour to walk from Vernon’s train station to Monet’s gardens.

  131. Sue Ada Says:

    Could you tell me please if the gardens are open on Monday July 8 this year.
    Thank you

  132. Ariane Says:

    Yes, they will be open. Fondation Monet is open 7/7 until November 1, 2013.

  133. Suzan Becker Says:

    I am a travel agent specializing only in France and I have clients who are looking forward very much to your tour. They will be there toward the end of May which should be splendid! Thank you! I looked hard to find someone who was an expert with the niche focus on Monet.

  134. Ariane Says:

    It will be a pleasure to guide your clients in Monet’s gardens! Thank you Suzan!

  135. Beth Says:

    Is there a way to purchase some of his seeds online?

  136. Ariane Says:

    The Fondation Claude Monet doesn’t sell any seeds, sorry.

  137. carole brown Says:

    We visited Monet’s garden a week ago and found it so beautiful. I spoke to some friends yesterday who had visited some years ago. They asked if we had seen Monet’s studio in the garden. We only saw his studio in the house. Did we miss another studio please? We may have to go back!


  138. Ariane Says:

    You can spot the second studio on the upper left corner of the garden. It is now the administration and it is not open to the public.
    The third studio is also visible on the upper right corner. It is now the gift shop and the way out, so I presume you saw it too.

  139. Marji Says:

    Please advise if the gardens & gallery will be closed from 2nd July for a week, as we were advised by a local from Giverny.

  140. Lee Sampson Says:

    Do you know what Monet paintings and titles depict that dock? A friend mentioned seeing one that he is trying now to find and we would sure appreciate your directions to an online site one could view it on. Thank you.

  141. Ariane Says:

    Try “les arceaux de roses” or “les arceaux fleuris” by Monet.

  142. Paul Ferrario Says:

    Good Morning
    We had the pleasure of visiting Giverny for the first time last week. It was even more amazing than we had expected.
    There were huge tree-like roses near the entrance to the property near the wall in full bloom with smallish white flowers. I am sure that it is a rather common type, but if you could share the name with me I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks for the help.

  143. Gigi Pelletier Says:

    In 2010 I saw a lovely garden painting (print) on the wall opposite the far window (in Monet’s bedroom). Was it painted by Theodore Butler? Merci for your reply.

  144. Julie @ Wife, Mother, Gardener Says:

    I am so pleased to have found your blog, Ariane! Giverny is one of my favorite gardens, though I have never been to France yet. I have read quite a lot about Monet’s gardening work there. Thank you for sharing some many beautiful photos!
    ~Julie, Pennsylvania, US

  145. Marcel Blazina Says:

    What an amazing house.. I wish I could Live there lol

  146. Cynthia Says:

    Hello, I have gotten permission to paint at Giverny this fall (two of us after hours) however, we do not paint with acrylics only wwatercolors. So do I still need permission and all of the extra costs? Many thanks. We’ll be in Paris the last week in sept. and the first two weeks in Oct.

  147. Ariane Says:

    It is up to you…

  148. Lee Parker Says:

    I am looking for a DVD(s) or failing that a “coffee table” photography book(s)

  149. Herman Northcott Says:

    Do you know the dates for 2014 when tours start for Monet’s house?

    Thank You,

    Herman Ray Northcott Jr.

  150. Monet’s Japanese-Style Garden | zen garden dreaming Says:

    […] Interpretation. It has been argued that Monet never sought to be authentic when he set out to design his water garden in Giverny, France. First, it would have been rather […]

  151. Monet’s Japanese-Style Garden | zen garden dreaming Says:

    […] He came to know of some signature Japanese garden plants which eventually found their way to his garden from images in his ukiyo-e collection. Rhododendrons, azaleas, Japanese maples and willow by the pond. Photo courtesy of […]

  152. joan pikula Says:

    I would like to remodel my small kitchen using blue tiles inspired by Monet’s kitchen. I would like to include the yellow from the dining room to accent the room.

  153. Dale-Anne Stewart Says:

    Hi Ariane,

    I have enjoyed reading many of your journal entries about Monet’s wonderful garden. As a fellow writer, I share you love of description. I am interested in learning more about Blanche Monet’s history and wonder if you could provide useful source books written in English. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Please let me know where to find biographies about Blanche and her stepfather, Claude.


  154. Julie @ Wife, Mother, Gardener Says:

    What a dramatic light! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

  155. Isabelle Says:

    Bravo pour ce site magnifique! Vous m’avez fait revee et rendue jalouse. Mes photos de Giverny n’ont pas fait justice a ce lieu enchanteur.
    J’aime beaucoup la photo des tulipes. M’autorisez-vous a la mettre sur mon site avec un credit a Giverny Impression? J’aimerais en faire profiter mes lecteurs!
    Avec tous mes remerciements,

  156. The World’s Most Incredible Secret Gardens Says:

    […] with a greater understanding of Monet’s waterlily works Source: The Home Journal Source: Giverny Impression Email 0 […]

  157. Chernet family Says:

    How beautiful the colors are, all about green,yellow and grey. I love it.

  158. Marina Says:

    I wonder what is the name of the rose growing on the umbrella trellis? It is absolutely stunning!

  159. Canadian Claudette Says:

    Hello Ariane: Thank you for another year of beautiful photographs and posts about Monet’s gorgeous gardens. I am so happy to be coming back to the gardens again in June, 2014. Happy New Year!

  160. Ariane Says:

    Thank you Claudette. It’s my pleasure to share pics of this amazing living painting. Hope to meet you in the gardens when you will be back. Happy trip planning!

  161. Madeleine Says:

    Dear Ariane, it’s so great to meet you in Giverny. It’s one of the best and touching travelling experiences in my life! I have been deeply moved by your genuine love for Monet, Giverny this little
    village and even the whole area! Surely, I will go back to Giverny and visit you sometime. Wish you all the happiness!

  162. Ariane Says:

    Madeleine, thank you for your kind comment. I’m happy if I could give you some idea about Giverny although it was closed for the winter. You definitively must come back to enjoy the beauty of this flower paradise!

  163. Vera Says:

    Thank you for you wonderful pictures and articles, Ariane!
    We are both artists with degrees in architecture and we love France.
    Recently we moved from Orange County (California) to The Woodlands (20 km North from Houston, TX)
    During one of our walks through the local wilderness park we have discovered a chain of small pond that look exactly like this picture.
    We can’t wait to go back to France next Fall!

  164. Joan Hart Says:

    I have just started reading your website. Thank you so much—it is so beautiful and informative.

    I am an art historian and have given many presentations BUT I have yet to visit Monet’s house and garden at Giverny.

    I know everyone asks you this. When do the water lilies generally bloom? Maybe there is not an easy answer….

    Thank you again!

    Joan Hart

  165. Ariane Says:

    Water lilies are summer flowers. They start blooming in May, the best time is June, July and August, there are less in September and the very last ones in October.

  166. Michael Says:

    Hi Annette,

    These photos are marvelous. I am working with an author in the US who works in the Senate and is writing a book about art history and democracy. Would you be open to discuss conditions under which we could use a few of your photos in the book? If so, please let me know.


  167. Valorie Phillian Says:

    I would love to have some information on how I can purchase or order these tiles in the United States.
    Is it possible to purchase the dinnerware as well? If I recall, Lenox made it at one time and I think the gift shop
    stocked it or could order it if one desired to purchase settings.

    Merci d’avance.

    Dr. Valorie Phillian

  168. Judy James Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the highly fragranced yellow azalea on the left hand side of the path from the entrance?

  169. Jenny newhouse Says:

    Can I buy a copy of the catalogue on line please? I loved the exhibition.

  170. CC Says:

    Hi sir:
    I’m a chinese, I like monet’s paints. I will go to the monet’s garden in the future.I like your articles too.

  171. Carlos Perez Says:

    Hello I visited the house and garden, and am interested in knowing what is the cultivar for the purple roses. I saw the list of plants, but the roses are not indicated. Thank you.

  172. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for your visit. The purple roses are called Rhapsody in Blue.

  173. Consuelo Valenzuela Says:

    Bonjour Ariane,

    j’ai dècouvert par hasard votre blog que je trouve très bien fait et très agrèable a lire et à regarder!
    J’ai moi meme un blog que j’ai dédié aux maisons des artistes dans le monde et je voudrais écrire un article sur la maison de Monet à Giverny… Est-ce-que je pourrais utiliser certaines de vos photos qui sont tellement belles? Naturellement, j’écrirais qu’elles proviennent de votre site.

    Merci de votre réponse,

    Consuelo Valenzuela

  174. Ariane Says:

    Je vous en prie Consuelo. Merci d’avoir demandé.

  175. Ira Graham Says:

    We will be visiting Paris Sept 3,2014 to Sept 7,2014 and would appreciate information regarding train to Giverny and details how to get from the station in Giverny to Monet’s garden. Is the Tera museum of Art still ope?
    Ira Graham

  176. Jenny de la Haye Says:

    Bonjour Ariane, I too am a painter. Retired teacher. Before my hair gets any greyer I would like to realise my dream of visiting Monet’s jardin. My husband and I hope to come in Sept around the time of our wedding anniversary…maybe I could paint there…

  177. Rebecca Olson Says:

    Monet’s Garden

    I laud Claude Monet as the creator of a garden.
    To walk through Monet’s Garden leaves a lasting impression on my mind –
    by its restoration at this time, or the vivid imagining to have lived at that time.

    There is irony here, where detail is not in Monet’s Impressionist art, but an impression
    of light and shadow all at the surface. Yet Monet’s Garden has elaborate detail,
    and to create such a garden is below the surface – in thought, planning, and doing.

    To comprehend Monet’s Garden is to grasp the enlightening nexus of intellect and nature.
    Monet’s visionary idea, idée fixe, formed the structural foundation for land and water
    to connect with harmony and attraction, by natural art.

    A botanic elegance of water lilies – fleur de lis – float under a green wooden bridge, along – peace to ponder – rippled waters that flow from the River Epte.

    Windows of the Monet House have wide open shutters and green vines cling to the facade. Aspiration moves with inspiration, and I imagine Monsieur Monet felt a rapture, a rhapsody of the soul, in contemplation of the grandeur of his garden. Joseph Galasso

  178. Rebecca Michelle Says:

    I have been pouring over all your photo’s. I have to say you have an artists eye, you are an amazing photographer.

    I have to paint one of your pictures. I will feature it on my watercolor lesson site. link is included in my comment.

    I have always yearned to visit Monet’s garden. You are so lucky to be so close and to witness it’s transformations.

    Thank you for taking the time to post these beautiful photos!!!

    I am hypnotized by them, I cannot look away 🙂

    Rebecca Michelle

  179. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much Rebecca! Feel free to use the photos to paint. I would be very pleased to see your work afterwards.
    For more pictures of Giverny here is my gallery:

  180. Alejo Says:

    This is one of the best of the pictures I’ve seen.

  181. Alejo Says:

    Very beautiful. Great picture

  182. Rebecca Olson Says:

    Bonjour Ariane,

    Many thanks for posting the poem on Monet’s Garden by my neighbor, Joseph Galasso. He is delighted that you posted his work, and wishes you to know that you have his full permission to use his writing for promotion of the gardens, or in any way you wish.

    Merci beaucoup,
    Rebecca Olson

  183. Judith Clinton Says:

    Is there more information about Blanche that goes along with the restored bedroom? For example, are there any notes in her handwriting and did she keep a journal or diary that is available for review? It seems she was the keeper of the man, the house, the art and the family name. It would be nice to get to know her better through any documents she may have left.

  184. Ariane Says:

    Blanche didn’t leave many notes, but a few memories of her are published at the end of her brother Jean-Pierre’s book “Claude Monet ce mal connu”. This book hasn’t been republished yet.

  185. Joan Says:

    I enjoyed a morning there in early September and the light was surreal
    I was in heaven – to see the water garden in the hazy light and the brilliant dahlias as the dew
    dried is a cherished memory

  186. Peter Panetta Says:

    I wil in Giverny in late january, 2015. Is it open then? I will also be there in late February???

  187. Ariane Says:

    Unfortunately not. Giverny opens the last week-end of March 2015.

  188. Louise Says:

    Hello Ariane

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog. Especially when you post photos taken after hours or when the garden is closed during the winter, it makes me feel like you are sharing a little secret.

    I love the language you use as well. With its French twist, it sounds so poetic and beautiful. I think if you were a native English speaker, there would not be such vivid, delightful turns of phrase.

    I have not yet been to Monet’s garden but I will for sure one day. In the meantime, I have your blog. Thank you.

  189. Ariane Says:

    Louise, thank you so much, you are so sweet supporting my efforts in trying to speak your beautiful language!
    It is a joy to share the magic of this place, you know. It is easy for everybody to enjoy an almost empty garden: just be there between 5 and 6 pm. During the winter, the garden is beautiful when it snows, but it happens rarely, not yet this year.
    Thank you for your encouragement. Hope to see you one day at Giverny!

  190. Wendy Says:


    We are planning a trip this spring/early summer, and though we would be staying in Paris for most of our eight days or nine days in France, coming to Giverny is the heart of our whole trip and a dream of mine since childhood. I am a recently-retired art teacher and my husband is both interested in art, loves to take photos, etc..

    What we would like to do is see the gardens and take a tour the first day, then come back and draw & take pictures the
    next — or maybe the other way around? We would like to be staying as close to Giverny as possible.

    Do you have any suggestions as to how to best accomplish this? Is it possible? We don’t want to go further in our plans
    without making sure we have Giverny settled!

  191. Ariane Says:

    Wendy, That sounds like a very good plan! You will find all the information you need to plan your trip on And I will be thrilled to guide you in Monet’s gardens, of course!

  192. Geraldine Dunne Says:

    Beautiful tiles

  193. Andrea Says:

    Who is the artist of the paintings of 2 young ladies , one in a hat and one in a blue dress posed with a dog, hanging behind the door in Monets bedroom?

  194. Ariane Says:

    The artist is Berthe Morisot, a woman that belonged to the first group of impressionist painters. She was friend with Monet who admired her work a lot.

  195. Julie Says:

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse of this beautiful garden! So nice to think that there are roses wafting fragrance in the air at Giverny, as well as in Pennsylvania.

  196. Pat Says:

    The plant pots are very nice. What plants are they? I would like to emulate the planting of the pots in my garden.

  197. Ariane Says:

    The colorful little flowers are cinerarias. As for the big ones, I’m not totally sure, but they look like anisodontea.

  198. Patricia Rene Says:

    Can you give a discription of thr first photo? Is this part of the main house or another building on the grounds?

    Thank you.

  199. Bonnie Says:

    I love your photos and would love a print to hang in my home. I don’t see a place on this page to order one. Are they for sale? I am especially interested in the dining room. When I visited Giverny a couple of years ago I fell in love with the house. The house, the gardens, and all of the surroundings gave me a deeper appreciation of Monet the man, as well as Monet the artist. It helped me to see how important it is to surround yourself with beauty and increased my need for personal creativity.

  200. Ariane Says:

    Bonnie, thank you so much! You can order a photo from my gallery I will send you a high resolution jpg file for you to print or have printed.

  201. Jennifer Says:

    Ariane- I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy your lovely diary of Monet’s Garden. I was so fortunate to visit with my family in early July and it was breathtaking. I have wanted to visit since learning of it’s existence back in the early 90’s. It was such a pleasure for me, an American horticulturist and garden designer who loves in the hot and humid southeast ( though it felt surprisingly like home when we were there around July 6!). I think what impressed me the most was the joyful ness of the color palette used throughout the garden. Judging by early photographs, it doesn’t appear that the garden was quite as lushly planted in Monet’s time but it has really remained true to the spirit and aesthetic of the artist. Claude Monet would be so enchanted with garden that exists now. As am I.

    All the best,

  202. 45 Creative Workspaces Of Some Of The Greatest Creative Minds In History - History Daily Says:

    […] giverny-impression […]

  203. Ariane Says:

    Thank you very much for the link. Loved your collection of workshops, very inspiring…

  204. peachy Says:

    if i go to see the gardens on October 31, will the flowers still be in bloom? Is it worth going then?

  205. Ariane Says:

    The gardens close on November 1st, the reason is that there aren’t many flowers yet. But if you are a Monet fan you will like the atmosphere of the end of the season, when autumn settles with lovely colors reflecting into the pond, and dead leaves floating among the NYmpheas.

  206. Marjorie Glick Says:

    Hi Arianne,
    I’m the Marjorie you spoke of. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. On cold winter days, and when I’m not painting in Giverny, your blog still gives me cheer! I’ll be returning in june 2016- See you then!

  207. Ariane Says:

    So happy to hear from you, Marjorie! (and sorry for the misspelling!) See you next June for sure!

  208. Louise Says:

    Oh, beautiful. I only just saw this now but you posted it on my birthday! It is like a gift from the other side of the world.

  209. Louise Says:

    Ariane, your website is such a gem…I’m so glad I discovered it. I am inspired by your writing, your ideas and expressions, your photographs, and the garden itself is inspiration for my own future garden. I get so much out of it!

  210. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much Louise! You may also like my french blog, at least for the many pictures of Monet’s gardens. I wish you a lot of inspiration!

  211. Puni Says:

    Very helpful

  212. Antoni Says:

    Lovely photos! I spent 10 days in Giverny for a panntiig workshop too many years ago. It was divine, one of my most treasured memories. We were allowed to paint in the garden after hours and on the day it was closed to the public. It was like living in a Monet panntiig. Your pictures are bringing me back there. Thanks! Jeanne

  213. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve been to Paris twice, went to the Louvre and Giverny, but did not see this mueusm. Maybe next time if there is a next time. I’m a big fan of Monet.

  214. Jamshad Says:

    c’est un bel endroit. on a tralliave une epoque avec ce muse9e, ce qui fait que je m’y suis souvent ballader. Maintenant le contrat est finit, mais j’y retournerais bien avec plaisir

  215. Sue Ann Hum Says:

    mmmmmm Fresh croissants in the village! The artists I bring to paint in Monet’s Gardens will LOVE this.

  216. Bryan Kidney Says:

    Hello. Is it too late to order this? My wife and I visited the house and gardens two years ago and we just simply can not get enough of your site.

    Thanks, Bryan

  217. Vivian Says:

    That is a perfect photo of the apples espaliers! They are difficult to see once they get their leaves and I have found myself mystified as to their structure so it is a great pleasure to get such a good look at them. Oh, how I wish I were there, right now, and could stay and watch the apple blossoms bloom, day by day!

  218. Carol Sapp Says:

    Are there any calendars left? Would love to buy one.
    My daughter Amanda & I have stayed in your lovely “Bird Room” twice.

  219. Ariane Says:

    Dear Carol, yes, there are still plenty! Thank you for your order. I’m getting in touch with you by mail for your address. Happy Easter!

  220. Parisbreakfast Says:

    I can’t wait to come visit! It Looks lsh already.
    Sharpening my pencils in advance
    Mille Merci

  221. Margie Says:

    I too am in love with Vivian’s latest book. Beautiful job describing it. I popped over as she was talking about you, the gardens, etc. on one of her recent posts. I am crazy about Vivian too. She is a hoot and a half. You had the pleasure of meeting her in person and she you. Maybe someday I will meet Vivian. It’s on my wish list. Cheers!

  222. Vivian Says:

    Voila! It is for exactly this kind of detailed, inside information — Le Banc Ideal! — that I read your blog, Ariane. I have been to the garden 5 or 6 times, and I ever thought to READ the benches, even though I have photographed them and even painted them. this is delightful — thank you.

  223. Diane in Denver Says:

    Merci tant, Ariane, for this wonderful review of Vivian’s new book. GoAaF is a joy and a marvel. I am loving every page and oh, those watercolor illustrations!

  224. Rosemary Jennings Says:

    It is beautiful and I will probably never be able to visit so I would love to buy one of your calendars. I live in Australia

    Hope this is possible

    Kind regards

    Rosemary Jennings

  225. Rosemary Jennings Says:

    Thanks for your consideration

  226. Ariane Says:

    Dear Rosemary, I’ve got troubles sending you an email. What is before the @, please?
    Or would you please send me one at ?

  227. Gill roberts Says:

    I visited your wonderful garden a few weeks ago, on a beautiful spring day.
    I wanted to say that it has always been on my places to visit list and it was the most inspiring experience, I went away with scent, colour and design in my heart.
    Thank you to James Priest who , I believe, has masterminded the planting and design. Truly Monet would be delighted that his vision and passion continue. Plus, of course, all the hardworking people who tend and nurture the garden.
    I hope to come again when those lilies are in bloom.
    With best wishes to you all,

  228. ArtistLady Says:

    Just stunning! Beautiful selection of tulips and other spring flowers. Thank you for sharing!

  229. Theresa Fry Says:

    Bonjour! Vos photos de la cuisine/la maison de Claude Monet sont belles et parfaites. Est-ce possible de les commander? J’aimerais bien les mettre en cadre sur les murs de ma cuisine!

    Merci beaucoup!

    Theresa Fry

  230. Jacqueline POIRIER Says:

    Serait il possible de vous acheter la photo de ce magnifique écureuil pour l’interpréter en broderie chinoise. Notre enseignant est Margaret Lee.
    Jacqueline Poirier

  231. Jane Hoven Says:

    Bonjour Ariane,

    Just visited Giverny last Sunday and bought 2 of the calendars and now, after looking at it, would like to get 5 more. What a wonderful job you did! I live in Brussels.

  232. Ariane Says:

    Dear Jane,
    I’m so glad you like ‘Giverny 365 Photos’! I’m in touch by mail to send you 5 more copies. Thank you very much for your order! Your kind words are a huge encouragement for the next project. 🙂 Merci!!!

  233. bubblers Says:

    What a great looking book, thank you for sharing, can’t wait to pick this one up!

  234. Marjorie Says:

    Hello Ariane, This is Marjorie. I’m returning to Giverny May 28-June 5 with a group of painters from Concord, MA USA.We met in 2014 and I told you how nice your blog is! it still is! I hope you’ll stop in to say hello while we are painting the garden. I also hope the sun will make an appearance!

  235. Ariane Says:

    Marjorie, how wonderful that you are back! I will certainly stop by and say hello and admire your work in progress! Have a nice time in the gardens!

  236. Carol Drouin Says:

    I have had a picture of Monets kitchen on my wall for 5 years as inspiration. I am looking for these tiles in Canada
    to remodel my kitchen. Are they available here? Where and at what cost?

  237. Carol Drouin Says:

    Where are these tiles available in Canada?

  238. Ariane Says:

    Carol, thank you for your comment. I’ve no idea about the availability of these tiles in Canada. Maybe someone knows?

  239. Kathy Anderson Says:

    Dear Ariane,
    I am so impressed with your website. The photos are spectacular and I love your narratives. I was at Giverny 2 weeks ago. It was my second trip there. I was enamored with the beauty of the gardens, and the lilly pads. I even had an opportunity to take a photo of one of the gardeners.

    I would like to order 2 “Giverny 365 Photos”

    Thank you,

  240. Ariane Says:

    Kathy, thank you so much! I’m glad you like the beautiful gardens of Giverny. Thanks a lot for your order of two “Giverny 365 Photos” perpetual calendars. I’m sending you an email for more details.

  241. ArtstLady Says:

    Oh yes, more of Louise’s pretty fairy creations! 🙂

  242. ArtistLady Says:

    And this one with sparkly “Fairy Dust,” too! Thank you Louise and yourself for sharing. 🙂

  243. KuzzinKim Says:

    So sweet and beautiful.
    Kim – NY

  244. Tessa Spanton Says:

    What a lovely happy picture, smiling,singing and whistling and enjoying the garden. I am listening to Gershwin at the Proms and as I read your words the singer changed to whistling.
    best wishes Ariane,

  245. Ariane Says:

    Tessa! it is good to hear from you 🙂

  246. Andrea Says:

    I just found a postcard of the room you photographed so beautifully here. I would adore getting a print of the postcard I have of Monet’s dining room. Do you, by chance, know how I might find it?
    Thank you very much!

  247. Ariane Says:

    I’ve never seen such a print but I can send you the file of the photo here and you can have it printed in large scale.

  248. Sueann Hum Says:

    Bonjour Ariane –
    Our artists on My Art Trip love your guided tour of Monet’s property. Your insight and knowledge of the history there, family stories and development of the gardens is of more value than you may know!
    As we spend the week painting there, they would again mention something they’d learned from you. Your tour truly brought everything to life for us!
    This photo blog continues to keep us all connected to this extraordinary place.
    I look forward to our artists touring with you again in 2017.

    Bonne journee, !

  249. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much, Sue-Ann! It was a great pleasure sharing with your wonderful group of keen painters! I’m sure you were all inspired by the beauty of Giverny. It is a unique experience to have the opportunity of painting in Monet’s setting. Hope to see you soon again at Giverny!

  250. Vivian Says:

    Is that the famous “sunset” border? I do hope so, because the light you have captured is so beautiful that I wish that I was walking in this fairy land in the glow of such a late afternoon. Lucky Givernois.

  251. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for mentioning the sunset borders, Vivian! They are slightly to the left of this alley, ranging from red to orange and yellow. That’s an idea for a next post 😉 I love them and I’m not the only one…

  252. eowana jordan Says:

    What a delightful find your site..I found it while looking for a book title of almost the same name I found on an estate auction site.. and there it was .. ahh.. I was there one October.. so lovely.. Giverny.. maybe I can return again someday.. merci.

  253. ArtistLady Says:

    Yes, I miss flowers, too, at this time of year, but Spring is coming!
    Is that gunnera at the middle right of the photo, edging the pond?
    And I notice an artist at the left of the photo. 🙂

  254. Ariane Says:

    Yes it is a gunnera that creates an accent at the edge of the pond. Artists still love to paint in Monet’s garden. They are admitted after hours.

  255. Gary Goodridge Says:

    Love your photos of the dining room. I too in my mind remembered the kitchen as painted yellow not blue! Do you know the Pantone color of yellow used in the dining room? Thinking of doing mine in a Monet-inspired way. Also, you sell a high resolution photo of the dining room?
    PS: My wife and I visited Givernay July, 2000, on our honeymoon.

  256. Ariane Says:

    Gary, Monet used chrome yellow in two shades, pure and mixed with white. If I believe the pantone scale it should be 144, but on my computer it doesn’t match at all with the color as it is in Monet’s dining room. I’m getting in touch with you by email for the picture. Painting your kitchen yellow will be a lovely reminder of your honeymoon.

  257. Betsy Says:

    Hello Ariane,
    We are thinking of coming March 28. Will the gardens be filled and blooming with spring flowers? It looks like the gardens are already beautiful!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  258. Ariane Says:

    Dear Betsy, thank you for your comment. The very first days of the season, just out of the winter, is a time I love. The plants are awakening, we can feel this amazing energy of nature. But if you want to experience the Monet garden full of blooms and colors, you will have to wait up to the end of April. Then blooming is continuous up to October. Enjoy your time in Giverny!

  259. Sarah Says:

    Bonjour! Thank you for making such a wonderful blog, the photos are so beautiful 🙂 It makes me even more excited to visit!

    I am just wondering if you could advise when the wisteria will be at their peak this year? I Am in the Loire travelling now and they are already in full bloom! I have a chance to visit the house on apr 28-29 or may 17-18, so was wondering what is likely to be better as the wisteria are my absolute favourite flower! Merci beaucoup 🙂

  260. Ariane Says:

    Dear Sarah, thank you for your kind comment. The wisterias are in bloom at Giverny right now, but just starting. In a week or two the white wisteria will flower in its turn.
    Nevertheless, a night frost damaged the buds of one of the four blue ones, I’m afraid it won’t be as beautiful as normally. But Giverny is still packed with thousands of beautifully colored flowers! Most of the spring flowers don’t mind a light frost. Enjoy your trip to Monet’s gardens!

  261. Sandra Goeldner Says:

    I have been looking at the 1904 Water Lillies painting for several months now, and I see a picture within the picture- of Claude Monet himself. I have not been able to find any informqtion about this to confirm my findings. Am I correct in what I see? Did he cleverly insert a facial rendering of himself -in between the water lillies? I see him gazing out -both eyes are seen, his nose and beard are also visable…why would he do this?
    Please let me know if there are others who have been able to recognize him-I also see other faces mixed in between the brush strokes-are these of him also?
    Thanks for your time, Sandra

  262. maria garrido Says:

    I am going to Giverny in December and Monet’s house wil be closed. Can I still see the gardens? I am particularly interested in the water garden.

    How much of the gardens can I see without entering the house?
    Will appreciate your advise. Thank you!

  263. Ariane Says:


    I’m so sorry it will be closed. You can try and have a look over or through the fence, but actually I’m not sure it is worth the trip to see an empty garden without any flowers. In winter it is bare ground here, and there are no leaves on the trees, it is not very interesting.

  264. Rita Says:

    Please send information about the 365 flower calendar. I’m interested in buying one. Merci!

  265. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much Rita. I’m replying by email. And I love your paintings! You will be inspired by Giverny for sure! Ariane

  266. Mary Lawler Says:

    Bonjour, Greetings from California!
    My husband and I visited your beautiful gardens last year and it’s something we will never forget. I would love a calendar so hope to hear back about where to send money.
    Merci Beaucoup!
    Mary Lawler

  267. Ariane Says:

    Thank you very much Mary. I’m sending you the details by email.

  268. Marina Balce Says:

    Bonjour, Ariane! Hello from Manila, Philippines!
    I’d love to have a perpetual calendar, “Giverny 365 Flowers” before my travel to Monet’s Garden,. Please send me the details on how I can buy one.
    Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon!
    Marina Balce

  269. Cyd Wilson Says:

    I would like to buy tickets for April 10, 2018, however the dates are not highlighted for April. Is the museum closed. It had tickets available for March and May, but April is not available for purchase.

  270. Cyd Wilson Says:

    Can I buy tickets for April 10, 2018? Digitick has April closed.

  271. Ariane Says:

    Yes, April isn’t available yet. I suppose it will be online soon. Try again in a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  272. Julia Kim Says:

    Is there additional fee for changing the dates?
    My trip for Paris is for 8 days, June 29th to July 6th, I do not know if the weather will be good on that day.
    Can I book a ticket one day before?

  273. Ariane Says:

    There is a limited amount of e-tickets for sale, and you are visiting in high season. If you don’t want to buy your admission ahead of time, you can also buy it on site, but be prepared to stand in line. I wish you a nice time at Giverny.

  274. Joanne Wallin Says:

    Bonjour Ariane, I would like to buy a 365 flower calendar. Can you send me the details for the purchase?
    Thank you very much!

  275. Ariane Says:

    Joanne, thank you for your order. I’m sending you an email.

  276. Rosemary Goniea Says:

    would like tickets for July 3 2018 afternoon preferred

  277. Ariane Says:

    Rosemary, you can order your tickets online. Just click on the green sign and follow the instructions. Have a nice time at Giverny!

  278. Robert Westpheling Says:

    Is a property release required for photographing flowers, the canopy or the lilly pond at Giverny.

    Robert Westpheling/Getty Images

  279. Ariane Says:

    I don’t think so, but you can ask Fondation Monet if you want an official answer.

  280. Joanne Says:

    What a beautiful picture and a beautiful thought!

  281. Ariane Says:

    Merci Joanne!

  282. Madeline Petersen Says:

    Dear Ariane,
    Might you have the rgb values for the Pure Chrome Yellow and Light Chrome Yellow that was used in the Dining Room??

  283. Ariane Says:

    No I don’t, sorry.

  284. Jane Courant Says:

    When I try to purchase online it automatically specifies 9:30 and doesn’t allow me to choose another time. Is my ticket good all day for what ever time I arrive?

  285. Ariane Says:

    Yes, don’t worry, all the tickets have the same time written but you can arrive at any time. Have a nice visit.

  286. eileen Says:

    I would really like to purchase another giverny 365 flowers – can you adivse how I can do this.

  287. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for your order Eileen, I’m going to reply by email for the details. Merry Christmas!

  288. Clive Horbacki Says:

    All I want to do is to buy a tickey. Why is this so difficult?

  289. Ariane Says:

    Probably because the tickets are sold out for the next days. Easter is a long week-end. Giverny will be very busy. The website works perfectly, hundreds of people buy their tickets on line every day. Enjoy your time in France!

  290. Mary Beth Powley Says:

    I just found a framed photograph of Monet’s dining room at a garage sale. It is a signed copy of the room, I can’t make out the name of the photographer. Have others been allowed to take a photo of it?

  291. Ariane Says:

    Yes, in the past several photographers were allowed to take pictures inside Monet’s house, and it has been allowed to all visitors for a few years now.

  292. Grace Says:

    Bonjuor! My tickets says 9:30am, is it good any time during the day? Best regards

  293. Ariane Says:

    Your ticket is good to enter the grounds at any time in the morning from 9.30 am til 12.30 pm. It is not valid for the afternoon.

  294. Phil Ford Says:

    So if you buy a 9:30 am ticket, you have to enter before 12:30, but can you then stay there until closing or do you have to leave by 12:30?

    Many thanks for your help,

  295. Ariane Says:

    You can stay until closing time (6 pm) in any case. But picnics are not allowed in the gardens.
    Enjoy your time at Giverny.

  296. Ariane Says:

    You can stay until 6 pm with any ticket.

  297. David Ewins Says:

    Ariane A very nice write up of the Paulownia in Monet’s garden. Sadly it has died probably due to honey fungus. It will be removed soon. David

  298. Carol Says:

    Thank you for sharing your photographs of Monet’s gardens. Always a delight to check into your web site. 🙂
    The tibouchina is beautiful … Wish it could be part of my garden.

  299. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for your visit, Carol! I wish you the best for your garden.

  300. Michael Aikey Says:

    I’m researching the peonies in Monet’s garden for an article in the upcoming issue of American Peony Society Bulletin. I visited Giverny last April. Would you be able to assist me or direct me to someone who can identify what varieties and cultivars are currently being grown at Giverny? Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

  301. Ariane Says:

    Michael, the best person to ask is the head gardener Jean-Marie Avisard or Rémi Lecoutre, gardener responsible for the flower garden.
    Please send your message at
    Best wishes for your article!

  302. Nick Moorhouse Says:

    Can you please tell me what the under-planting of blue flowers are beneath the pink tulips in the flower bed. I think they look like Myosotis. Thanks

  303. Ariane Says:

    Yes, myosotis are planted under the pink tulips in front of Monet’s house (forget-me-not).

  304. Joe P Arnold Says:

    Just saw the marvelous Monet show at the Denver Art Museum. I wondered about the frames. There was a large variety of frames, many of them heavily carved and gilded, others quite simple. I wondered how Monet, in his early career, with such financial difficulties could have afforded some of these frames, and whether they were put on later by collectors. The photos of his studio show many paintings that are not framed at all.

  305. Ariane Says:

    Monet sold his painting unframed. They were framed by the art dealer for more impact. Frames were certainly expensive. When Monet sold to private collectors, they would have the canvas framed on their own expenses.

  306. Jax Tabbara Says:

    I just realized that the Monet Foundation is closed in the winter.. 🙁 I was hoping I could propose to my girlfriend on the water bridge. Are there any special love acceptions? It would be a dream of mine. If not, do you have any recommendations? or suggestions that can make this day very special and romantic? anywhere in Paris or nearby that may be just as beautiful as Giverny?
    Thank you,

  307. Ariane Says:

    I find the bridges over the Seine in Paris a romantic place for a proposal. But there are so many other places that would do well. Paris in itself is totally romantic. Congratulations!

  308. Markeeta Brown Says:

    The only time we can visit Giverny during our trip is the morning of April 1, 2020. Can you please tell me how soon those tickets will be available, and on which sites?

  309. Ariane Says:

    The tickets are for sale in March. You can also buy them at the entrance. The first day is generally a calm day at Giverny.

  310. margriet Smulders Says:

    It seems she did make works which where signed by Claude Monet

  311. Ariane Says:

    Margriet, do you have any references about this point? To me, knowing their personality, this sounds impossible.

  312. michelle pedroni Says:

    can you please tell me the painted colors in the kitchen?

    Thank you

  313. Ariane Says:

    The kitchen is blue, I don’t know the reference of the paint on the ceiling, sorry.

  314. Ariane Says:

    It is a pale blue lacquer but I don’t have the reference of the hue.
    In the dining room Monet used chrome yellow.

  315. Allanah Moore Says:

    Hello Ariane,

    I love this picture and I would like to use something similar if not the same picture for my business card and/or website?
    Is this possible or would I be in breach of privacy laws etc, overstepping boundaries or is not acceptable>

    Kind regards,

  316. Ariane Says:

    Allanah, Please feel free to use the picture for your business card. Thank you for asking. Kind regards, Ariane

  317. Crys Says:

    I would love to know more about the floral painting above the headboard of the bed. It is gorgeous.

  318. Ariane Says:

    It is a picture that was presented to Monet by his friend Gustave Caillebotte.
    Caillebotte painted these white and yellow chrysanthemums in his garden of Petit-Gennevilliers in 1893.
    The painting now belongs to the collections of Musee Marmottan-Monet in Paris. A copy hangs in Monet’s bedroom at Giverny.

  319. Jenny Says:

    Just delightful to see both of the Wisteria in bloom on the Japanese bridge, exceptional with no visitors.
    Thank you

  320. HOWARD CARTER Says:

    I found this grave by accident while visiting Monet’s garden. I was born in 1950 and have no connection with Army, Navy or Royal Air Force. My father fought in the Second World War along with his four brothers. They all came home unscathed. However, I was moved to tears by these men who gave their lives and are buried away from their homes.

  321. william fyfe lawson. Says:

    my cousin Jack Leslie Fyfe.was one of the crew.

  322. Ariane Says:

    Thank you William. Where he is now, I’m sure he is happy you think of him.

  323. Rae Benedetto Says:

    I am so curious as how Monet and his gardeners achieved the lush growth of nasturtium. I read they planted them 5 to a pot in April, they moved the first to a cold frame and then planted them in the garden soil in mid May. But it is most interesting to know what variety and what type of soil they had. In one interview he said there was a layer of clay, but was the soil acidic or more calciferous? Did he keep bees? Are there any books with details about the gardening?

  324. Ariane Says:

    The best books about gardening at Giverny are ‘Monet’s Garden: Through the Seasons at Giverny’ by Vivian Russell and ‘Monet the Gardener’ by Robert Gordon.
    Nasturtiums are easy to grow in our (normally) rainy climate, they even tend to overgrow. The soil is calciferous. Monet didn’t keep bees, but certainly some neighbours in the village did.

  325. Elizabeth Plotnick Says:

    When I visited twenty years ago, artists could arrange ahead of time to work at Giverny on a Monday, when the gardens are otherwise closed to the public.

  326. Ariane Says:

    Hello Elizabeth, I hope you had a great experience painting in the gardens on a Monday! Monet’s gardens have been open 7/7 since 2009, except for the winter closing time (November 2nd thru March 31st) and the 2020 lock down.

  327. Eva Says:

    Hi, does any body know if the chairs have a special name? Or the maker of them? Can similar chairs be bought?
    Thank you,

  328. Ariane Says:

    The chairs bought by Monet were a common pattern called “Chaise gerbe de blé” (sheaf of wheat chair). They can still be bought and are rather common in France, either as antiques or as new design. While writing to you I’m sitting on an old one. The seat is out of straw and it is a bit lower than modern ones.

  329. Eva Says:

    Thank you very much for the information Ariane, eva

  330. john rapoport Says:

    What kind/variety of nasturtiums are grown in the paths at Giverny? Are there seeds,(corms), for sale?

  331. Ariane Says:

    It is a combination of yellow, orange, red and brown creeping (or climbing) nasturtiums (tropaleum majus).
    The gardens don’t sell seeds from the grounds, no.

  332. Laurence Says:

    Hi Ariane, I’m wondering, are the bed and armoire the same shade of yellow as the dining room? I’m currently trying to find a paint color similar to the yellow in Monet’s dining room. It is difficult, though, to find a color that is simultaneously as light and bright as his. Thank you for the beautiful images and information!

  333. Ariane Says:

    Laurence, in Monet’s dining room the furniture and the walls are painted the same two colors, pale chrome yellow and bright chrome yellow for the mouldings.
    In the bedroom, the color is ivory.
    Good luck with your works!

  334. Digeorgia Biz Says:

    Hello, Could you please kindly email me the exact “ yellows” used in the dinning area? I am going to try recreating it in my home.
    Thank you so much!

  335. Ariane Says:

    I’ve seen this yellow changing with the repaint of the dining room, so there isn’t any ‘exact’ yellow. Look for Chrom yellow in bright and paler shade. Happy painting!

  336. Minos Says:

    Dear Ariane,

    I would like to visit the graden of Monet this year.

    When is the best time to visit the garden if I want to see the lavender colored wisteria in full bloom?

    Should I come in the last week of April or in the first week of May?

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this.

    Yours sincerely,


  337. Ariane Says:

    Dear Minos, any of these two weeks should be fine. It is hard to say right now because the timing depends on how cold and long the winter will be, especially the weather in March and early April, so a forecast is difficult. Enjoy your time at Giverny!

  338. Minos Says:

    Dear Ariane,

    Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for the information.
    If it is ok, I would like to contact you again in Late March if it is ok for you?

    Yours sincerely,


  339. Ariane Says:

    Yes, of course.

  340. Barry LEVY Says:

    Four of us are coming to the gardens again in OCTOBER 2022 Approx 16th and 17th
    Suggestions of hotels
    other suggestions?


  341. Ariane Says:

    Barry, there is a list of hotels and B&Bs on
    You can even stay at my place the Hermitage! We’ve got 2 rooms. 🙂
    Happy trip planning!

  342. Minos Says:

    Dear Ariane,

    I contact you again as I have written you in February 5th this year, because I would like to visit the Garden of Monet in Giverny soon.

    Do you think it is now foreseeable if it is best to visit late April or beginning of May to see the lavender colored Wisteria in full bloom? Or should I come in Mid-April or Mid-May?

    I hope you can tell me which time is best to see the lavender colored Wisteria. 🙂

    Yours sincerely,


  343. Ariane Says:

    Dear Minos, sorry to disappoint you, but I’m afraid there won’t be much wisteria bloom this year over Monet’s Japanese bridge, it seems to me it has frozen. It should be opening by now, but I don’t see any improvement in the wisteria buds. 🙁

  344. Minos Says:

    Hello dear Ariane,

    Sorry for the late reply, understood, that is a pity… 🙁

    Thank you for your help anyways.

    Yours sincerely,


  345. Ariane Says:

    The white wisteria flowers now, it is not as impressive as the mauve one, but still lovely.

  346. Ronnie Auld Says:

    What at glorious early morning picture.

  347. Ariane Says:

    Thank you so much, Ronnie ! 🙂

  348. Rebecca Olson Says:

    Ohh what a miraculous catch! Sure caught my breath!

  349. Ariane Says:

    Merci Rebecca ! I’m sure Monet would have loved this atmosphere, and would have made masterpieces out of it.

  350. Ronnie Auld Says:

    Great to see these arches in full bloom

  351. Ben Lawn Says:

    Really pleased to have found your blog, and especially any entries on irises. I collect old irises, particularly those bred by Ferdinand Cayeux, of which I have 70 in my garden here in England.
    You might be interested to know that there is actually an iris named Ariane, it was bred by Ferdinand Cayeux and introduced in 1935.
    Here is a link to the American Iris Society Encyclopedia entry for Ariane

  352. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for your message, Ben, you are so kind to give me this information! Of course I’m thrilled to know that! And by the way, what a beauty, this Ariane iris! Merci, merci !

  353. Marina Balce Says:

    Definitely, a creation of a beautiful mind!

  354. David Ewins Says:

    Hello. When I visited Giverny 2 plus years ago the Paulownia you picture and discuss was dead. The head gardener said it was to be cut down tomorrow. I asked if I could collect some seed pods and I got permission. A year later I got these Paulownia seeds to germinate and now have a few trees from these seeds. I did write to Giverny once in English and once in French and offered them a tree but got no reply.

    I still have some

    David Bath UK.

    Holder of the National Collection of Paulownias in the UK

  355. Ariane Says:

    David, it’s fantastic! You have a green thumb indeed! The paulownia of Giverny has been replaced by a new one, there is no need for more in the garden, this is why you didn’t get a reply, I suppose. It had no connection with Monet anyway, except that Monet had one at this spot. The one that you saw dying had been planted in the 1970ies. I hope yours will be the joy of several avid gardeners! Thank you for your kind offer!

  356. Beverly Norman Says:

    Coming upon this unexpected gravesite after experiencing the joy of Monet’s garden brought great sadness to me. The happy, confident faces of the airmen together with their subsequent fate reminds one that so often our freedom is paid for by others. God bless them!

  357. What Can Yellow Walls Do for Your Home? – Cryptonounceiii Says:

    […] Monet’s yellow dining room at Giverny is very famous. It’s almost entirely yellow, with the exception of the floors, and brings to light how beautiful yellow can be when used in the kitchen. The beauty of this room leaves nothing more to be said when it comes to the idea of painting your kitchen yellow—so consider it! […]

  358. Kathleen Says:

    Wouldn’t it be thorough to mention Blanche Hoschede Monet, his step daughter/daughter in law, and her role in his life during the days he was losing his eyesight? Given the training he did with her since she was a child and his eyesight decline, it’s probable that she painted a good portion these enormous canvases yet she is rarely mentioned.

  359. Ariane Says:

    Kathleen, Blanche was certainly of huge importance in Monet’s life, extremely helpful to him, and it is true she was a painter herself. But I can’t imagine her painting on any of Monet’s works. Not a single brushstroke. It is simply not the relationship they had.

  360. Rick Neal Says:

    Ariane, I very much enjoyed your article today.

    Rick Neal

  361. Agata La Rie Says:

    Hello, do you know the name of pink rose climber ? Small but profuse bloomer

  362. Ariane Says:

    Hello Agata, as the rose is not labelled, I’m sorry I don’t know its name.

  363. Heather Says:

    I am just back from visiting Monet’s gardens, beautiful! I did not order the calander there, too heavy for my luggage.
    Can I please order it from you?
    Please tell me how.

  364. Ariane Says:

    Thank you Heather, I’m sending you an email with the details.

  365. LOV Flowers Says:

    How stunning, absolutely adore the pink flowers and the green trees in the background.

  366. Minos Says:

    Hello Ariane,

    It‘s Minos again I would like to ask if you have any information about the wisteria in the garden of monet. Is it better than last year this time? And do you maybe already know when to visit the garden this year if I want to see the blue wisteria? Yours sincerely, Minos

  367. Ariane Says:

    Hello Minos, the wisterias look great this year, they are covered with buds. The first one has just started opening. It’s still hard to predict when it will be the best time. Weather depending, within 2 weeks? 3 weeks? It’s still too early to know. Feel free to ask again. Ariane

  368. Mark Ponce Says:

    Monet’s yellow eating room at Giverny could be very well-known. It’s nearly solely yellow, except the flooring, and brings to mild how stunning yellow could be when used within the kitchen. The great thing about this room leaves nothing extra to be stated in the case of the concept of portray your kitchen yellow—so think about it!