Roses Everywhere

by Ariane ~ June 26, 2012

Just an idea of the profusion of roses blooming in June at Giverny!

For a few weeks, Monet’s garden becomes a rose garden.

Rambling, climbing roses climb on dozens of metallic structures, typical for a garden designed in the 19th Century.

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Hi Ariane,
    I love your blog, and sincerely wish you had been writing it at the time I came to Giverny, 6 or so years ago. Your writing and photos reflect the spirit of Giverny so well. Congratulations, and keep writing. I shall pop in for inspiration from time to time! I have put a link on my own blog to yours here,
    with best wishes,

  2. Ariane Says:

    Thank you Jenny, I hope you will be back again soon!

  3. Paul Ferrario Says:

    Good Morning
    We had the pleasure of visiting Giverny for the first time last week. It was even more amazing than we had expected.
    There were huge tree-like roses near the entrance to the property near the wall in full bloom with smallish white flowers. I am sure that it is a rather common type, but if you could share the name with me I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks for the help.

  4. Carlos Perez Says:

    Hello I visited the house and garden, and am interested in knowing what is the cultivar for the purple roses. I saw the list of plants, but the roses are not indicated. Thank you.

  5. Ariane Says:

    Thank you for your visit. The purple roses are called Rhapsody in Blue.

  6. Agata La Rie Says:

    Hello, do you know the name of pink rose climber ? Small but profuse bloomer

  7. Ariane Says:

    Hello Agata, as the rose is not labelled, I’m sorry I don’t know its name.

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