The Empty Garden

by Ariane ~ November 7, 2008

Nobody will sit on the benches in Monet’s garden anymore this year. Giverny is closed for five months.

Last Sunday evening, when the last tourist left the museum, the garden was still full of blooming geraniums, dahlias and of many annuals.

All of a sudden, everything changed dramatically. No visitors anymore in the alleys, but the very busy gardeners. One of their first task is to put all the benches in a safe place, where they will be cleaned, repainted and repaired this winter.

Another important job is to shelter the fragile flowers which are grown in pots. Within days all the flower beds will become empty and bare, ready to resist the first frost.

But for the moment the weather is mild. Cows are still outside in meadows as green as usual thanks to the almost daily rain.  In Monet’s garden the leaves of the glowing liquidambars fall silently onto the pond, whilst their admirors have gone.

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