Giverny at Iris Time

by Ariane ~ May 24, 2012

The question of the ‘best time’ to come to see Monet’s gardens at Giverny is hard to answer. Many times are so beautiful!

The iris period is one of my favorite. The irises are just at their peak right now, displaying their charms in waves of white and purple petals in Monet’s flower garden.

I love the irises, but I love the spectacular tulips as well, the fresh blossoms of early spring, the poppies time, the roses, the gorgeous summer flowers including Nympheas and nasturtiums, the asters of autumn…

When is it the best time to see Monet’s gardens? There are so many, one visit is not enough, you must come back!


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  1. Julie @ Wife, Mother, Gardener Says:

    I am so pleased to have found your blog, Ariane! Giverny is one of my favorite gardens, though I have never been to France yet. I have read quite a lot about Monet’s gardening work there. Thank you for sharing some many beautiful photos!
    ~Julie, Pennsylvania, US

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