Lavender Dream

by Ariane ~ July 19, 2009

A purple bush rose frames the big window of Monet’s first studio at Giverny.

Purple roses are not very common, nor look very natural, but they provide a strong impact. This one has a sweet name: lavender dream. It is lovely in springtime when it flowers in numerous small simple roses.

It is too late now for roses, but it is the right time to see -and smell- lavender in bloom at Giverny, as a slight reminiscence to Provence. It perfumes the air, together with phlox and lilies.

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  1. Tessa Says:

    This rose is new to me, looks lovely. We have our local lavender open days and PYO this coming w/e and I will have a stand there with paintings and cards of lavender. The person on the next stand sells lavender cookies which will be nice with my coffee.

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