Monet’s Home in Winter

by Ariane ~ February 6, 2010

During the Winter, when Giverny is closed for five months, the shutters of Monet’s house remain shut.

It must be dark inside, but nobody cares. The shutters prevent the cold wind from entering the building, maintaining a thin layer of warmer air behind the windows.

I don’t know if the japanese prints are still kept hanging on the walls. If they are, darkness is a relief for their fragile colors.

Shut shutters look like closed lids. When it is cold outside, sleeping is the best thing to do, isn’t it?

So do the bulbs hidden in the flower beds and the buds on the branches. Yes, sleeping is the best option before a very long time of intense activity.


7 Responses to “Monet’s Home in Winter”

  1. Melanie Says:

    It looks beautiful yet somehow bare without all the flowers. It is still such a beautiful and spoecial place though.

  2. Betsy Says:

    Bonjour Madame,

    May I ask you to help me find the maker of the curtains inside Giverny, we were there only a few years ago and I have searched the internet for a source of the beautiful sheer check window curtains, I remember them in several colors. I would dream of having a piece of Giverny here in my home to remember. Thank you so much 🙂 Betsy

  3. Ariane Says:

    The checked curtains of Monet’s home are yellow or blue. It is a traditional pattern, normally this fabric should be easy to find.

  4. Carolyn Says:

    I am planning a visit to Normandy and spending endless hours trying to navigate the internet and my way/stay there and I happen upon your blog. I am deeply touched not only by your beautiful photos and posts but because I sense joy in what you are doing. What more is there except share it as you are with us fortunate readers. Blessings!

  5. Ariane Says:

    Oh, thank you very much for your kind comment. I am so happy about what you say, because it is a challenge for me to write in English. I am glad if I manage to share my joy about this little corner of paradise. For more on Giverny you can also visit my French blog, I wish you a wonderful time in France!

  6. maria garrido Says:

    I am going to Giverny in December and Monet’s house wil be closed. Can I still see the gardens? I am particularly interested in the water garden.

    How much of the gardens can I see without entering the house?
    Will appreciate your advise. Thank you!

  7. Ariane Says:


    I’m so sorry it will be closed. You can try and have a look over or through the fence, but actually I’m not sure it is worth the trip to see an empty garden without any flowers. In winter it is bare ground here, and there are no leaves on the trees, it is not very interesting.

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