Snow at Giverny

by Ariane ~ January 8, 2010

Monet’s pond is frozen.

A small coating of snow hides the surface like a new canvas.

Long blue shadows stretch on the shining whiteness.

 Not a single flower.

 Even the brave pansies are covered with a blanket of snow.

No colors, except for the green bridges.

Birds are hiding, but their prints are everywhere, like strange words written in the snow.

And the running water of the river reminds that life is awaiting under the appearant death of nature.

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  1. Ariane Says:

    Jana and Lena, thanks a lot for your kind comments. I love to share the beauty of Giverny with every garden lovers in the world. I do my best with the comments in English, fortunately photos speak by themselves. The gardeners do a wonderful work. Have a nice year full of flowers!

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