by Ariane ~ December 12, 2008

I wanted to show you the red squirrels we have got in France. They are very different from the striped ones that are so common in other parts of the planet.

Red squirrels are generally shy, so you can’t promise to your child you will see one during your next walk in the wood.

But at Fall the squirrels come closer to the houses, looking for hazels. Once the leaves are fallen they can’t hide a lot, what makes them easier to photography.

It is absolutely lovely to observe a squirrel hopping on the ground and suddenly speeding up a tree. They are delightfully light and agile, which makes human beings feel clumpsy and heavy in comparison. Our bodies are so much bigger than theirs!

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  1. Jacqueline POIRIER Says:

    Serait il possible de vous acheter la photo de ce magnifique écureuil pour l’interpréter en broderie chinoise. Notre enseignant est Margaret Lee.
    Jacqueline Poirier

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